College doesn’t teach you: humility

Last week, I received an email asking me to submit what was deemed a “Bio-Sketch” for my convocation ceremony. “It should be roughly 50 to 100 words,” read the form email, “stating your full name, your major(s) and… Read More

Things College Doesn’t Teach You: The First Installment

The first day of freshman year, I learned that wearing an official University of Delaware lanyard around your neck is a serious social faux pas. I remember leaving my dorm room in a burst of false confidence, empowered… Read More

The Law of Averages

The first time I remember receiving a genuine compliment, I was five years old. My neighbor told me I was really good at braiding hair (which I had been practicing for weeks on the heads of unsuspecting Barbie… Read More

The young, the wild, and the apathetic

When I was a freshman in college, I did something remarkable. I voted. It was 2012, a ground breaking year in American politics. It was the year of the lingering Republican primary, the year of billion dollar fundraising,… Read More

Enhancing Your Fall Caloric Intake

I have a serious confession to make. I am one of those extremely annoying, latte-sipping, oversized-sweater-wearing, noncreative geniuses who absolutely loves fall. I like leaves. I like temperate weather. I like scarves. I like pretending that leggings are… Read More

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