“Completing my English Degree” by Amanda Langell

As the semester comes to a close, I find myself in a nostalgic, uncharacteristic mood.  Four years ago, I was just trying to survive my first finals week as a stressed-out, overwhelmed freshman. It sounds cliché, but I… Read More

“Officially a Writing Fellow” by Amanda Langell

In addition to becoming an editor for 186 South College, I am also officially a Writing Fellow this semester. I remember sitting in my E110 class on my first day of college three years ago and meeting my… Read More

“Caesura” by Amanda Langell

On Wednesday, May 3, the English Department hosted the official launch of UD’s literary magazine, Caesura. Memorial Hall, normally bustling with students heading to class, was transformed into an elegant reception area with High Top tables, catering, and… Read More

“The Museum of Modern Art” by Amanda Langell

If I am being honest, I never really had any interest in art before coming to college. I could appreciate the talent it took to produce those types of creative masterpieces, but I could never see myself willingly… Read More

“Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle” by Amanda Langell

Freshman year, the only exercise I did on campus was walking from Redding Hall to McDowell three times a week. According to the Health app on my iPhone, I actually logged on average 5 miles a day walking…. Read More

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