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Here’s to Never Growing Up

Published on: Author: Kelli Lynn Shermeyer

In my lifetime, I have been to such places as Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York City, London, and Paris.  However, the top destination for me will always be the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  That’s right; I’m talking about Walt Disney World!  While I do enjoy the beach getaways every now and then, Disney is really… Continue reading

Let’s Give Our Eyes A Break: A Reflection on the Boston Marathon Bombings

Published on: Author: Kelli Lynn Shermeyer

This week, 186 South College is participating in Honors Blog Week 2013! Along with other Honors Blogs around the nation, we are focusing on the theme “Dare to Think Bigger.” Going along with this message, it brings me to what has happened in our world this past week with the bombings in Boston.  I dare… Continue reading