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“Think Like a Tomato: A Guide to the Pomodoro Method” by Nicole Pinera

Published on: Author: Amanda

We thrive on the ping of new notifications, two paragraph long summaries of three-hundred page novels, and fifteen second video clips… and it is killing our productivity. When it’s time to sit down and study or write that final essay that’s been hanging over your head all semester, it can be hard not to start… Continue reading

“Finding Balance: A Few Tips From a Freshman” by Nicole Pinera

Published on: Author: Amanda

It’s 8 o’clock on a Monday morning, and the air carries the crispness of the impending autumn, even though it’ll be much warmer in a few hours—summer hasn’t quite given up the fight yet. I’m on my way to Caesar Rodney to get some breakfast, a much-needed cup of coffee, and a bit of work… Continue reading