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“Imagine Anything” by Erin Jackson

Biology is one of my favorite subjects. A huge topic in biology is evolution, and one cornerstone of evolution is that it is a long, slow process – basically, we cannot genetically evolve as human beings in our lifetime. It takes mutations of our DNA to build up over generations via natural selection to come to the true meaning of biological evolution. We have the hard work and revolutionary ideas of Charles Darwin to thank for this idea that most students now take for granted.

Imagine Dragons is my favorite band, and their latest album released this summer is called Evolve. Two weeks ago, I saw Imagine Dragons perform in Philadelphia, and their lead singer, Dan Reynolds, made me want to throw away the biological ideals which I value so dearly and instead believe that we as individuals and as the human population can evolve during our lifetimes. Continue reading

“Get Outside! The Wonders of White Clay” by Erin Jackson

My dream job has probably always been to be a photographer for National Geographic someday. That being said, I just biked into White Clay between classes one day and snapped this picture on my phone because, why not? There is an explorer inside of everyone – a piece of them that’s waiting around to see the world the way they want to. I’m here to say, don’t wait. Hop on your bike or just your own two legs, and find your future adventure today. Continue reading

“To Have an Open Mind or be Trapped in Time” by Erin Jackson

I used to think that only princesses like Cinderella got to go to the ball. I never imagined myself in her shoes, dressed in the perfect gown, travelling in the perfect carriage, and swept off my feet by the perfect Prince Charming. This weekend I had the chance to attend the International Ball at the United States Naval Academy, and it was an experience I will never forget. It was also–for lack of a better word–perfect. Continue reading

“Tribute to Tri-State” by Erin Jackson

If you drive a few miles down the road from the University of Delaware, you’ll likely drive right past the avian sanctuary known as the Tri-State Bird Rescue. This center for wildlife rehabilitation takes in injured and diseased birds to give them a sheltered environment where they may heal and someday return to their home in the wild. “Tri-state” may even be an understatement: while the center takes in birds from the three surrounding states, when it comes to returning any lost birds to their homes, I’ve seen birds taken hours outside of the Tri-state area. I am currently a volunteer at Tri-State, having started in December 2015, but my story with them begins much earlier than that. Continue reading

“Remember the Reservoir” by Erin Jackson

Only two miles from the front door of Redding Hall, the Newark Reservoir sits above the rest of the city as a world apart. Every time I have made my way up there, I have felt like I was part of a secret club. I have yet to encounter anyone I know around the waterside path, yet I feel a bond to the others not only familiar with the existence of this man-made wonder, but also willing to make the trek up to its surface. Whether it’s walking, biking, running, roller blading, skate boarding, or some combination of these, the reservoir is home to all who need it. Similar to the Hogwarts’ Room of Requirement, the Newark Reservoir gave me just what I needed during finals week last semester. Continue reading

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