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Honors students in action in and around our campus community

“What I Found in the Panhellenic Community” by Brittany Connely

Going into college, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to be involved in. When I went to the Involvement Fair during my first week of freshman year, I was completely overwhelmed. There were so many options, so many things I could do, and in a way, I felt the decision I made then would impact the person whom I would become in college. So, like many other freshmen, I signed up for a whole bunch of clubs at first and attended a couple of meetings, but there was no place that really gave me the sense of home that I was looking for. Being from Washington, which is thousands of miles away from Delaware, I needed to find a support system–people who I could lean on when things got hard and who I knew would be there no matter what. It wasn’t until I went through formal Panhellenic recruitment that I found that home I truly was looking for. Continue reading

“Composting on UD’s Webb Farm” by Erin Jackson

NEWARK, Delaware – A fifteen-minute walk from University of Delaware’s main campus transports students from the crowded sidewalks overflowing with construction to an oasis of peace, quietude, and UDairy ice cream on the university’s 350-acre outdoor classroom—the farm. This agricultural and environmental sanctuary just across the bridge on South College Avenue delivers an initially shocking aroma. On a working farm, there are large volumes of animals producing—as they do—large volumes of manure. However, this manure is good for more than just keeping the crowds at bay. With the right equipment and space, it becomes the fertilizer that keeps the farm functioning. 

“It’s all part of the cycle,” explains Webb Farm manager Larry Armstrong. “What they make in the farm goes in the field [where] they graze.” Fifty Dorset sheep, thirty Angus beef cattle, and six teaching horses live on Webb Farm, all of which are managed by Mr. Armstrong. However, in his position, he serves as the caretaker for more than just the animals themselves as he also maintains the health of the land they rely on.

As someone who has been in agriculture his whole life, Mr. Armstrong sees value in products that others would initially dismiss as waste and waste alone. Whether it’s the piles of leaves that have fallen on the farm, the excess straw spilling out of horse stalls, or the physical waste piling up as the livestock convert food into energy—all of it gets raked, swept, and scraped up into skinny piles called windrows for composting.

Continue reading

“Food for Thought” by Lauren Wrightstone

As Honors students, we have very easy access to most of the food on campus. The Caesar Rodney and Russell dining halls are extremely close to Redding, as is Perkins and the Harrington POD. Even Pencader is less than a fifteen-minute bus ride if your tastes vary in that direction. Our dining plans make it easy to access all these different options, whether that’s through regular meals, meal exchanges, points, or Flex. 

I’m partial to the 175 meal block plan, but I know everyone has their preferences, and I wanted to figure out what they are. I interviewed a few Honors students to get the inside scoop.  Continue reading

“Five Things to Do around Campus” by Hayley Whiting

This past fall was the first semester I started commuting from home instead of living on campus. While it does offer its own benefits, commuting has the potential to make you feel less connected to campus. So in addition to staying on campus after classes for my job; to attend club meetings; and to study in Trabant, Perkins, or the library, I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort to go to more campus events. Here are five things I did around campus this fall that you can do, too!

1. See a REP play

What is the REP, you ask? REP stands for Resident Ensemble Players and is the University of Delaware’s own professional theater company with its own group of resident actors! I first saw a REP play when it was required for my freshman-year theater class, and I have been going back to see their plays ever since. The productions are always amazing, with incredible acting, set design, costumes, and direction, and each season the company puts on a variety of plays, so there is something for everyone. Also, you get to see a professional play for a reasonable price. This fall, I went to see the drama August: Osage County and the mystery Murder on the Orient Express, which had the most impressive set and production I’ve seen there yet, complete with a moving train and a movie-like screen in the background. For anyone who hasn’t gone to see a REP play yet, I would highly recommend it! 

REP website:  Continue reading

“Rewards for Participation” by Chris Hope

Tear-off flyers and pamphlets. You see them all the time walking around campus: in Trabant, in the Little Bob, even in some classrooms. Most pass by these sheets of paper without a second glance, or even an initial one. “Take this survey,” they say, or “Come to South Campus and sit around for a bit and answer questions.” They seem to range between extremely minuscule and exceedingly out-of-the-way. One day, however, I decided to actually look into one of these research opportunities. Continue reading

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