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“Tribute to Tri-State” by Erin Jackson

If you drive a few miles down the road from the University of Delaware, you’ll likely drive right past the avian sanctuary known as the Tri-State Bird Rescue. This center for wildlife rehabilitation takes in injured and diseased birds to give them a sheltered environment where they may heal and someday return to their home in the wild. “Tri-state” may even be an understatement: while the center takes in birds from the three surrounding states, when it comes to returning any lost birds to their homes, I’ve seen birds taken hours outside of the Tri-state area. I am currently a volunteer at Tri-State, having started in December 2015, but my story with them begins much earlier than that. Continue reading

“Flexibility and Balance” by Jenna Newman

“I’m amazed at how you find 27 hours in a 24 hour day.” This is what my grandmother said to me the other day on the phone as I began to describe at great length my down-to-the-minute schedule for the weekend. Honors students often have the tendency to want to do everything they possibly can because well, why not? 

Continue reading

“Changing the Way You Look at Anxiety” by Avery Beer

As college students, it is incredibly difficult to try and take moments out of our days to just be. I find that with our generation, we have this innate sense of urgency. Everything we do is go, go, go. We all have situational anxiety at times, but I am talking about the crippling type: the type that sends you chasing after your own breath for no reason, the type that causes your palms to moisten with sweat, and the type that sends your stomach in whirlwinds. The problem with our generation and anxiety is that it is incredibly common. The benefit is that we can talk about it. Continue reading

“How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in College” by Avery Beer

I’ve always found that it is so easy to say that you’ve been out of your comfort zone but most times, you really haven’t. People forget that it can be really great for you to feel uncomfortable, which sounds completely ridiculous when you think about it. Why would we want to put ourselves through having our hearts race, sweaty palms, jittery, and just feeling overall awkward? Continue reading

“Remember the Reservoir” by Erin Jackson

Only two miles from the front door of Redding Hall, the Newark Reservoir sits above the rest of the city as a world apart. Every time I have made my way up there, I have felt like I was part of a secret club. I have yet to encounter anyone I know around the waterside path, yet I feel a bond to the others not only familiar with the existence of this man-made wonder, but also willing to make the trek up to its surface. Whether it’s walking, biking, running, roller blading, skate boarding, or some combination of these, the reservoir is home to all who need it. Similar to the Hogwarts’ Room of Requirement, the Newark Reservoir gave me just what I needed during finals week last semester. Continue reading

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