Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions in one’s college career. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the first choices students are pressured to make. And the ramifications for selecting a pathway inappropriate for you vary wildly, from adding on a semester to catch up on classes, to going back to school years later. Therefore it’s critical that you decide on a major that both satisfies your interests and secures your economic future. In my case, I simply lacked the experience to say for certain exactly what I was interested in. My parents were willing to support me in whatever career path I chose, which was very kind but ultimately placed greater responsibility on me to enroll in a program that was compelling and feasible. I ended up selecting a major that aligned with where I believed my skills lay, namely, English—with the caveat that I would return to the matter after my first year at UD.

Over the course of two semesters, I managed to explore a variety of topics within and beyond my selected field of study. I took classes in subjects that had always interested me but were not offered in my previous schooling, all the while fulfilling a collection of breadth requirements I would need to complete regardless. By the conclusion of this investigative period, I had finally landed upon an avenue of study that I had always trended towards, but never thought to pursue: Computer Science. However, the idea of altering such a fundamental aspect of my college education appeared quite daunting. I feared that I might go about this process incorrectly as a consequence of my own ignorance, hindering my ability to take required courses or even delaying my graduation date. I wasted valuable time mulling over my decision and attempting to research the necessary steps.

Eventually, I made the intelligent choice to rely upon the university’s advising resources. I spoke to an individual within the college I was transferring to, and she swiftly dispelled my worries. I was offered multiple explanatory pamphlets and given all the information I needed to change my major properly, and was instructed to return in the event that I encountered any sort of obstruction. The entire experience was incredibly comforting, as my seemingly colossal concerns were easily reduced to nothingness in a matter of minutes.

I would urge any of my fellow honors student who might harbor doubts regarding their chosen major to consider speaking with one of the University of Delaware’s available advisors. They understand the university’s policies better than anyone, and are willing to share that knowledge to help you graduate from UD without any regrets. Advisors are listed on UDSIS, or you can schedule an advising appointment here:

If my experience is any measure of the University of Delaware’s standard approach to advising, I would absolutely encourage others to seek do the same. Those resources can provide you peace of mind and keep you on track for success, whatever issue you may be facing.

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