“What are you doing after graduation?”

This question seems to be asked at least once a day, and I am sure to all my fellow graduating class members, you know exactly what I mean. These last few years have given me so much here at Delaware; but what I can tell you is that there are just some things that you cannot learn in a classroom. Yes, you guessed it. I’m talking about the complex, competitive, seemingly never-ending job search. I have had quite a few internships, and I am currently in the job search process now. It is not easy by any means, but having experience with the internship search has taught me a bit about what it takes. I have become a sort of “connoisseur” in this area, so I have decided to compile a list for all of you Blue Hens reading this who may also be looking for a job. Once your résumé is polished, check out these top four tips for landing a job post-graduation.

  1. Update and Utilize LinkedIn.

A lot of people use LinkedIn for solely networking, which is great, but LinkedIn also has a place to search for jobs too. A lot of companies post their listings on there and some have an option where you can easily apply through just your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, it is so important to connect with people that you speak to here: whether you met someone at a job fair, they spoke in your class, whatever it may be. LinkedIn is such a great tool to enhance your professional portfolio and create professional relationships that can in turn help you to land a job.


  1. Be proactive and persistent.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is so important to take your job search into your own hands. Do not expect people to always read your application just because you sent it in. It is important to do your own searching, whether it is through job search websites or specific company websites. Email people. Connect with them. Follow up on the status of your applications. Your persistence will pay off!


  1. Do Not Forget the Cover Letter!

 Cover letters are a way to add a bit more personality and professionalism to any job application. It gives you a chance to tell a bit of your story and give a hiring manager a brief synopsis of who you are as a person. There are countless tips online for creating a good one, but try and have a general cover letter that you may be able to adapt depending on what type of position you are applying for.


  1. Talk to fellow UD Alumni!

Again, this goes back to the power of utilizing your network. So many students that went to school at UD are now in positions where the company will contact them to pass along the opportunities to younger people. Talk to your friends who have graduated, your professors, and do not be afraid to connect with UD alumni that are a bit older on LinkedIn also. People are usually willing to help each other and talk about their experiences!


Remember throughout this process to stay persistent. Many times, especially with entry-level positions, it is difficult to get someone to even look at your application or your résumé. You may even face some rejection after an interview, and that is okay! All experience is good experience and you will find something that suits you. As High School Musical once taught us, we are all in this together Blue Hens!

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