This is the time of the school year when it all seemingly hits: midterms, life, and even the extra five pounds that you have gained from your mid-semester poor eating habits sneak up on you. But, really. Life gets a bit crazy when the leaves start to change. The bliss of summer is over, your tan starts to fade, and you realize that you are deep into the semester. It is important at this time to check in with yourself. Take time to reflect on your current state. How are you doing? Sometimes, in the whirlwind of being college students, we often forget that we deserve to care about our own well-being as well. Not only is it okay to do this, but it is encouraged! You may not hear this from your professors, your advisor, or even your friends and family, but that is why I am here to be your reminder!

Your mind and body are kingdoms of their own and deserve to be treated as such. They deserve to be nurtured and attended to. In the midst of essays and exams, relationships and social life, we lose track of ourselves. Just the other day, I was so caught up in everything that I honestly lost my cool for a minute; and it took that moment for me to realize that it is okay to take a step back and take care of yourself. Whether you recognize it or not, our brains move a million miles an hour, and sometimes we need to physically force ourselves to slow down.

A lesson that I have learned is the importance of taking care of yourself before taking care of others. Just as they say on the airplane before take-off: put your oxygen mask on before helping others. This is so applicable to our everyday lives; if you are trying to help others but you run out of oxygen yourself, then no one is being helped and you end up feeling depleted. Take a moment, right now or after reading this, to pause. Reflect. Then, think: how am I going to be my best self? From there, you can make a plan and execute it. Remember that self-care is good care! You are not being selfish for taking the time to check in on your mental and physical wellness. You are being human.


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