You did not just misread the title. I ate cookies, and it was 100% endorsed by my university studies class. UNIV101 is a class to get students more involved within the UD campus. The class reminds me a lot of the unconventional and wildly exciting accounting class in the television show, Community. In the show, the accounting teacher demonstrates a very unconventional teaching method. He jumps on desks, throws textbooks out of the window, and twirls with ribbons, while encouraging his students to “seize the day” as the only requirement for the class. While every student dreams of a class like this, university studies is slightly more structured; we are encouraged to gain “passport points” over the next few weeks.

We get these points by seeking out involvement on campus, and it has been very fun to complete. I have one passport point from visiting Main St. and another from attending an RSO meeting, but the best point earned by far was from my trip to Insomnia Cookies. It was approaching 2AM – I feel as a disclaimer that I should mention the professor did not endorse the exceptionally late hour- and after completing our work for the night a few friends and I decided that we wanted cookies. Driving at night on Main Street is both peaceful and stressful. It was quiet except for the low hum of cars driving by, their tires rolling across the rainy pavement. The traffic lights were shining on the buildings so beautifully. I love rainy nights like this, but as a new driver in Delaware, it is still intimidating to drive on new road.

Finally, we arrived at Insomnia. Did I mention we were in our coziest pajamas and wrapped in blankets? We looked ridiculous! When we stepped out of the car and walked in, we made sure to pick up those blankets so they did not touch the pavement. We tried to act as confident as possible, but it was difficult while looking so – um- comfortable. The cashier immediately loved our getups and because of it he offered us extra cookies. It was the end of the night and they would have had to toss them out anyway, so we were happy to have been given them. It was like we had won best dressed and the prize was about a dozen gooey chocolate chip, snicker doodle, and sugar cookies. The night ended with offering up the extra cookies to everyone on our floor.

Personally, I think I met the requirements for my UNIV101 class. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and was able to have an amazing adventure during one of my first weeks in college. I am so fortunate to have met many amazing people within my first few weeks of college, and we have had so many adventures since then – while also leaving plenty of time for studying. Eating cookies, making friends, and talking the night away definitely follows the trend of carpe diem- to “seize the day.”

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