Recently, quite a few of my fellow honors friends have shared similar complaints that they miss being able to read freely, but since coming to college there just isn’t enough time. And if there is time, we’re too exhausted to fully appreciate a good book anyway.

I empathize with them, and I’m in the same boat. I have a sky-high stack of unread books checked out from Morris Library, and a steadily growing guilt as, day after day, they sit there untouched. Something has to give here. I’m hoping that, maybe, if I bring one book along with me everyday, I’ll have a few moments between the craziness to get in a couple of pages. It’s not 4 hours straight of uninterrupted book time, but it’s a start. For anyone else missing their favorite novels – you’re definitely not alone.  

As this post is dedicated to books, I thought I’d share some particularly great ones that don’t require too much mental energy to follow. Something for future reference, if you are so inclined.

Carry On

Written by Rainbow Rowell, a fabulously spunky author, this novel follows a similar plot to Harry Potter, with a little more flamboyance. The story is meant to be a gay fanfiction from a novel featured in another of Rowell’s pieces. Carry On is amazing because it has almost as much magic and adventure as the Harry Potter series, but in a more manageable width. If that’s not enough, the adorable love affair should win you over.

Diary of An Oxygen Thief

This book is super intriguing for a few reasons. The author is anonymous for one, and he uses this book to detail his intrigue in setting his lovers up for heartbreak. Short, vulgar, and straight to the point; this book is one hell of a ride.

Lab Girl

Written by Hope Jahren, this geochemist’s memoir details her unusual childhood and how it helped her fall in love with the science of our environment. The imagery is beautiful, and easy to follow. Follow along with her stories and you’re bound let out a few smiles. While this is a great choice for anyone – science majors, I especially recommend this one to you. It’s a good pick-me-up if you want to remember what’s to love about the scientific field.

Hyperbole and a Half

This all time favorite is written by Allie Brosh entirely in colorful comic strips. Brosh’s chaotic childhood tales are relentless in the best ways. It’s a book that my close friends have passed around so many times, we could quote the whole thing. If you’re looking to laugh so hard that you’re gasping for air, this one’s for you.

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