For those of you who may have read my previous post about the famed Joe Biden: hold onto your hats for this second installment. For any coming to this post as the first story you may have read on this blog or by me, hello, and welcome to my tale of woe.

Joe Biden, hero of University of Delaware, has enjoyed several visits and talks here over the last several months. During spring semester last year, Joe sat down for a quick bite in our very own Caesar Rodney Dining Hall and was also the star speaker at his own event Biden is Back. In his speech on that cold, grey day in April he said, “When you see me walking down campus, don’t pretend you don’t know me.” Here enters my excitement, but today, my heartbreak.

During his meal in Caesar Rodney, I was blissfully unaware in Trabant – until I opened one Snapchat story, followed by another, and another. Next I opened Instagram and saw posts flow showing him shaking hands or hugging students. My heart shattered, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make it as I had class shortly and I was also 5-7 minutes away and kids were already trying to bombard him with pictures. This makes one missed opportunity.

Then this semester, Joe led yet another presentation at Mitchell Hall. By the time I knew it was happening I also knew that I would be unable to attend. After this event, a friend tells me she just happened to walk by after the event and just happened to run into the ex Vice President of the United States of America and was able to meet him and get a picture. Another missed opportunity.

And finally we reach his last visit just a few days ago, November 16th, where he gave another presentation in Trabant. At 10:45, after my 9:30 class let out, I walked unknowingly through Trabant to reach my next class. As I left, I saw the Instagram stories, the Snapchat stories, and the Facebook post letting everyone know of Joe’s latest appearance. Yet another missed opportunity.

I leave for Thanksgiving break disappointed and disheartened. How could I have missed it all? How could I not have had my moment on campus with him when so many others had? When would my moment come? I vowed upon realizing my latest missed opportunity that I would meet him sometime in my four years here. Joe, if you are reading this, please make my four years complete and find me.

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