September: Redding Residency to Apartment Living by Jenna Newman

As a Freshman living in Redding Hall everything is new and exciting. You walk into this massive five-story, U-shaped building, overwhelmed, and not knowing where anything is, not even your room. Time goes on, and slowly you get… Read More

Poetry by guest author Nana Ohemaa Asante

Nana Ohemaa Asante is a first year Honors student and author of several poems that will appear on the blog this year. A Girl By Any Other Name Is Not The Same by: Nana Ohemaa Asante My last… Read More

“Finally a Blue Hen” by Hayley Whiting

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to go to the University of Delaware. Even at nine years old, I remember proudly announcing to my fourth grade teacher that I was going to become a Blue… Read More

“Practicing Gratitude” by Avery Beer

Each day it seems as though we wake up and the world has some sort of bad news to offer. Any time I check the news app on my phone, I am immediately swarmed with negative stories—whether it’s… Read More

Swing into the School Year by Joining a Club by Jenna Whiting

“What’s your advice for my first year of college?” I repeated this sentence at every graduation party, friend run-in, and summer gathering before freshman year. Anxious to reap guidance from those more experienced in university life, I sidled… Read More

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