For the Love of the Game by Carly Patent

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new can of tennis balls, the momentary sense of amazement when hitting the perfect drop shot, the feeling of unraveling a tattered, highly discolored grip, the joy of holding up… Read More

“What I Learned in my First Month of College” by Lorraine Capenos

College is all about learning: having new experiences, meeting new people, and studying new topics. That being said, in my first month I have learned many things in the classroom, but even more outside of class. Here are… Read More

Horseshoe Crab Happenings by Audrey Ostroski

This past summer, I volunteered in Dr. Danielle Dixson’s marine science laboratory on the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes, Delaware. The lab is studying how different types and… Read More

“The Nostalgia of Fall” by Shannon Murphy

Here in Delaware, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the most beautiful aspects of all four seasons: snowy ground each winter, cherry blossoms for spring, sunny beaches in the summer, and the changing leaves of… Read More

“Get Outside! The Wonders of White Clay” by Erin Jackson

My dream job has probably always been to be a photographer for National Geographic someday. That being said, I just biked into White Clay between classes one day and snapped this picture on my phone because, why not?… Read More

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