When considering dynamic duos, some may think of strawberries and chocolate, Batman and Robin, Beyonce and Jay-Z – but none can compare to the greatest duo in history: Joe Biden and the University of Delaware. Graduating in 1965, Biden has since maintained a close relationship with UD, typically making a visit several times a year. When I first toured University of Delaware I remember taking one thing to heart: Joe Biden graduated from here and that the likelihood of seeing him on campus at some point is very high. While Joe visited UD for the first time last semester at the coffee shop Brew-Ha-Ha, I was unfortunately giving a group presentation, and I was honestly devastated when I heard that I had missed his visit. I saw the crowds and zoomed in videos all over Snapchat and I wallowed in my self-pity over not seeing the (at the time) Vice President of the United States. When I began giving up hope that I would see him, a light appeared in the darkness.

The new president of the University of Delaware’s inauguration promised another opportunity to see Joe Biden and even hear him give a speech (along with many more influential people). I made the decision to wake up early, skip a class, and get over to the Roselle Center for the Arts. Though the day was rife with obstacles such as illness and the initial rule that students were not actually allowed into the auditorium, I ended the day victorious. I remember how fast my heart raced as the students were finally allowed into the auditorium after waiting in another room for two hours. Hearing Joe Biden speak, I sincerely was proud to be a student at University of Delaware, and I am overjoyed that I got to hear him give a speech even once.

Now, as spring break is coming to a close, a new excitement begins to build. It was announced several days ago that Joe Biden will once again be visiting UD. This Friday, Biden will be on the green discussing the new Biden Institute, a new part of the School of Public Policy and Administration. Upon hearing this announcement, I immediately checked my class schedule to make sure that I would actually be able to attend this event, and thankfully I am able. Knowing that he has come to UD multiple times just this year gives me great hope for the coming years that he will be on campus more often. I am beyond excited to see him this week and in the next few years.

*Editor’s Note: this blog post was originally written to be published on April 3, 2017

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