“April Showers Bring May Flowers” by Jenna Newman

“April showers bring May flowers.” This is a typical cliché that can be heard over and over again this time of year. We typically associate the month of April with rain and hold out hope that May will bring… Read More

“Checking In: One Year After Applying to UD” by Shannon Murphy

While on the plane heading back to Florida for spring break, I found myself aimlessly browsing through the saved documents on my laptop. That is how I stumbled upon something that I had tried to block from my… Read More

“Resisting Passiveness” by Avery Beer

I wouldn’t call myself the adventurous type. I can definitely be impulsive and I am certainly passionate, but I don’t always act on my instincts. Whenever I think about college, I think of it as a time to… Read More

“The Biden Factor” by Alyssa Schiff

When considering dynamic duos, some may think of strawberries and chocolate, Batman and Robin, Beyonce and Jay-Z – but none can compare to the greatest duo in history: Joe Biden and the University of Delaware. Graduating in 1965,… Read More

“To Have an Open Mind or be Trapped in Time” by Erin Jackson

I used to think that only princesses like Cinderella got to go to the ball. I never imagined myself in her shoes, dressed in the perfect gown, travelling in the perfect carriage, and swept off my feet by… Read More

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