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Month: March 2017 (page 2 of 3)

“Unboxing a Home” by Kelly Myers

I always thought that when you got older, you were supposed to gain a greater consciousness of your own being and greater stability in what is slowly becoming more your own life. Whenever anything got complicated, whether I got a poor grade on a test in eighth grade or I had lost one of my favorite dolls in Kindergarten, I calmly believed that things would only continue to get easier as I learned more and grew older. I now realize that I would only come to learn what “the more I know, the less I know” means.

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“Home” by Alyssa Schiff

University of Delaware’s almost-two month Winter Break sounds, at first, like a blessing. Two months of hanging out at home with old friends, seeing much-missed family, and maybe picking up a job on the side. At the beginning, yes, the break is great, especially being able to come home a little earlier than others. But as soon as friends begin heading back to school, each day starts to seem longer and more drab than the last. No school work to do, no friends to see, family members might have work during the day, and siblings may have school still. I found myself deciding to binge-watch shows I had previously never had an interest in, or attempting to read books that I would probably never finish, just to have something to do. I offered to drive my sister everywhere just to have the opportunity to do something. In group chats with friends from school we would all share our unproductive days and how excited we were to have homework again to fill our days. I felt like I just needed to leave. I needed to go back to school and get out of the hometown, a place that I’ve always loved, which was a new feeling for me. Continue reading

“Time” by Shannon Murphy

A few months ago I heard something really inspiring during, of all places, a TV commercial:

Time is infinite and yet we’re always running out of it.”

It’s quite a paradox. Time is perhaps the only thing that is guaranteed to go on, and yet we constantly feel as though we never have enough of it. It is inevitable, unchanging. No refunds, no returns, no exchanges. Continue reading

“Hamilton: An American Musical” by Jennifer Most

This past summer, I went to go see Hamilton on Broadway in New York City. This musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and his relationship with the other founding fathers through a series of musical numbers and rap battles. Lin Manuel-Miranda read Hamilton’s biography and turned it into one of the most popular and loved Broadway shows today. In 2 hours and 55 minutes, the actors and actresses put on a beautiful, moving performance that tells the interesting and strangely dramatic history of America.

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“The Mini Gap Year” by Ben Aghajanian

Now that the second semester has started, people have begun the search for summer jobs. I’ve already submitted a couple applications myself–one to a resort in Cape Cod and another to an ice cream shop in my hometown. With either job, I’ll make a suitable amount of money to last me for another year whilst I enjoy the sweet repose that summer has to offer. No academics, minimal commitments, sunshine, beach sports, books, hammocks, shorts and sandals, and the vivacity of a slight sunburn.

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