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“Getting Wrapped up in the Holidays” by Krista Webster


Around this time of the year I see a lot of parents with their children waiting in line for Santa at the mall. They usually fall into two categories: some are hysterically attempting to get the “perfect” picture of their little angel, while others are impatiently scrolling through emails and ignoring the screaming child at their feet.

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“‘Major’ Changes” by Annie Lee

I’ve never really known what I wanted to do in the future. As a child, I answered “teacher” to the infamous question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but only because it was the only job I could think of. As a middle-schooler, my answer varied from person to person, vacillating between some hems and haws in an attempt to feign certainty, as if a person just diving into the double-digit years could know exactly what they wanted out of their one and only life. As a senior in high-school, when the answer would finally matter and actually legitimize itself on official college applications, my mind echoed with the resoundingly hopeless answer of “I don’t know.”

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“No” by Anne Grae Martin (editor post)

I was walking by Bayard-Sharp Hall the other day and was suddenly struck by an intense nostalgic longing. This has been the first year of my college career that I do not report to Bayard-Sharp every Monday and Wednesday to sing in University Singers, the all-women’s choral ensemble. It’s actually the first time since  4th grade that I haven’t participated in any choir. Singing is probably my favorite hobby and it has been really hard to let it go. But sometimes you have to let things go. Continue reading

“Destigmatizing Creative Writing” by Amanda Langell

We live in a society that scowls at us if we answer “creative writing” to the question, “What is your passion in life?” It’s not fighting for justice in court, saving lives in an OR, perfecting marketing strategies for billion-dollar corporations, or engineering the next big invention that will take over the world. It’s a “waste of time” to sit in front of Microsoft Word for hours concocting stories that could never happen in real life. It’s “unrealistic” to believe it can be made into a substantial career. It’s “counterproductive” in a culture that thrives on practicality and twenty-year plans. “How do you expect to be successful when all you do is write stories about nothing? Stupid romance novels that are laughable compared to the achievements of your peers researching in labs for hours every day.” It’s time to destigmatize creative writing and to stop making those who spend years working on 80,000 word manuscripts feel like their work is insignificant. Continue reading

“Election Day” by Erin Jackson

In 2000, I was two years old. That was the first of five election days that have come to pass in my lifetime. I don’t remember much from that first election day sixteen years ago, nor does the one four years later bring any specific memories to mind. These were life-altering elections to many, and yet they had no noticeable effect on my life—not noticeable to me anyway.

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