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Guest Post: A World Scholar in Madrid

Hailey Zirkle, Honors Program ’20

Four continents, eleven countries, seventeen states. I am eighteen years old, and I have covered 4.5 percent of planet Earth in my travels. Just over two months ago I left my home state of Delaware to embark on one of the biggest moments of not only my travel career, but also of my life.

My name is Hailey Zirkle. I was born in South Carolina but moved north to Delaware during my childhood. At the age of fourteen I began working my first job at Amore Pizza, followed soon after with another job at Limestone Vet Hospital. Graduating from Conrad High School in June 2016, I made the brave decision to begin my college experience at the University of Delaware in another country: Spain.

Here are some cultural differences I noted within the first few hours of being in Spain. Continue reading

“Coping The Day After” by Heather Brody

Today was a rough day for many students at UD. While we all have different ways of coping, and are all at different places in the healing process, I wanted to take some time to reflect on how I got through this gloomy day.

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“Another Year of the REP” by Amanda Langell

Another semester here at UD means another opportunity to attend the plays put on by the REP. My freshman year I took an honors theatre course that introduced me to the university’s outstanding productions. Since attending those two mandatory plays, I have purchased season tickets and make sure to see every play the REP offers every year. Continue reading

“Bike Culture on a College Campus” by Erin Jackson

We have so many paths we take to class every day. You may find your short cuts and alternate routes with coffee stops along the way, and you may try to avoid a crowd as much as possible. However, with a campus of almost 20,000 undergraduate students, we’re all bound to hit some congestion at least once a day.

While we all may travel the same roads, we all travel them differently. The same routes see slow walkers, fast walkers, skate boarders, rollerbladers, serious runners, casual joggers, and bikers. They see confusion and determination. They see early risers, night owls, and multitaskers. They see it all.

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