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“’How Are You?’: What do people really mean when they ask?” by Jenna Newman

Imagine yourself walking across the green in between classes. Walking toward you is a girl who lives on your floor. You don’t really know her. You’ve spoken to her maybe once on move-in day and once again during your first hall meeting, but you don’t really know her. You both have your own friend groups and are completely content with the limited interaction that you have had. As you’re thinking all of this through, you move closer and closer together until you are within talking distance. All of a sudden you are making eye-contact and the recognition is there, but you don’t know what to say. Before thinking it through you blurt out, “How are you?” The problem is, you don’t really care how this girl is doing. It’s not personal by any means, but you just aren’t genuinely interested in this girl’s day and you instantly regret not just simply saying hi. The girl replies with a vague “good” followed up by asking about your well-being. You also reply with a “good,” but by the time you reach this point in the conversation – if you could really call this impersonal interaction a conversation – you and the girl are no longer within speaking distance. Continue reading

“The Humanities Major’s Plight” by Stella Castor

It’s the dead of night, the end of the day. I’ve finally finished all of my homework, went to Caesar-Rodney and ate dinner, and I even procrastinated by playing video games. It’s almost about time for bed, I think to myself. Surely, it must be. I look at my clock – 7:40PM on a Thursday.

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“An Apple a Day Means Fall’s Here to Stay” by Carly Patent

The Autumn months are prime apple picking season. My family has an annual tradition where we venture to a local orchard on a brisk Fall morning to pick apples. Somehow, we manage to pick over twenty pounds of apples, not counting the apples that my father picks and eats before paying.  Upon arriving home, we wash the apples and place them into a gigantic glass bowl on the kitchen counter so that every time we walk into the kitchen, they whisper, “eat me, eat me, and if you do, you’ll only have 99 apples left!” I guess it’s the thrill of being able to pick our own apples that causes us to load up our buckets until they are too heavy to carry. Continue reading

“A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That” by Avery Beer

The thought of not being able to go to the dining hall for every meal this year scared the heck out of me. I was fully prepared to eat McDonalds every night for dinner. But, little did I know I would find a new love of cooking easy meals. I ended up experimenting and finding that creating my own meals is more fun than I thought… and I no longer have nightmares about opening the oven to a big burnt mess. So, if you were just as scared as I was, and you can’t think of easy dinners/lunches, fear no more: Here are a few simple ideas! Remember, most importantly, that cooking is an art. Don’t be afraid to add your own flare.

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“Breaking the Fast, Keeping the Connection” by Heather Brody

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year in Judaism. It is a day of atonement, a day of reflection, a day of forgiving and forgiveness. Our tradition is to fast for 24 hours so that we can start the new year having reflected on the past year and feeling renewed and ready for a fresh start. This was the first year that I was unable to truly stick to the fast, and it provided me with a different experience than I have had in previous years. Continue reading

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