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“Trans Students in Solidarity” by Stella Castor


Cries of anguish, community, frustration, and most importantly love echoed across the North Green last Wednesday, October 26th, as a group of students and faculty gathered to advocate for the rights of transgender individuals at the University of Delaware. After an event on the 24th, where a certain speaker (dubbed by some as “He Who Must Not Be Named”) spouted hateful rhetoric against transgender women and transgender individuals as a whole, tensions grew until students could not simply wallow in their own emotions.

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“Dealing with FOMO in College” by Shannon Murphy

Some lessons you learn right away: never walk all the way to the bathroom without your towel, 8 am feels even earlier than it sounds, and be strategic about the best off-peak time to visit the dining hall.

Others are more challenging: balancing homework for 3 honors classes, speaking up in a lecture hall of 200, or managing stress in a brand new environment. Continue reading

“A Duty to Dance” by Caleb Owens

Throughout my life, I’ve always had difficulty managing my innate desire to dance. Perhaps the urge goes back to childhood road trips, restrained by a seat belt while watching High School Musical on a loop and wanting nothing more than to “bop to the top.” Maybe the film Happy Feet kickstarted my early desires to dance. Regardless, at some point in my early development I acquired an irrepressible need to let my limbs loose at the sound of catchy music, wherever and whenever that may be. Unfortunately, the rest of the world couldn’t relate. Continue reading

“It’s not always ok—but that’s ok” by Annie Lee

Half of the world is telling you to get the new iOS update (said with firework effect), but the other half is saying it’s the worst update since the creation of the iPhone. Social media is telling you that these on-campus clown pictures are fake, but your paranoia knows that there’s a squeaky-shoed, red-nosed maniac lurking around the corner. Your friends are telling you how much they hate the song “Closer” because they hear it “literally everywhere,” but then they somehow end up screaming the lyrics when it comes on. What are you supposed to believe?

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“Counseling in College” by Alyssa Schiff

An inclusive and informative summary of the freshman year of college in one word is pressure. The pressure to do well in classes, pressure to make friends, pressure to be having the time of your life, pressure of looking at your life as a quasi-adult. The adjustment is filled with pressures coming from so many different places that it can be very difficult to pinpoint the problem areas. As the effects of stress are constantly thrown around, it’s normal to hear students boasting of the two hours of sleep they got the night before, or the number of times they’ve cried already. The good thing about this is that since stress isn’t a new phenomenon, universities prepare for the inevitable by offering free counseling to their students. Continue reading

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