Simply put, March is a weird month. It is not really winter, and while technically spring, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The end of it is spring break, but it’s a few stressful weeks before getting there.

While I could surely do without all of the crazy weather and midterms, I would not be able to do with out March Madness. The three weeks of basketball, crazy upsets, bracket pools, and glory, what’s not to love?

I am obsessed with making tournament brackets. If I’m being completely honest, I made seven last year alone. Granted, they are not always the most successful. I have learned over the years not to put too much thought into my decisions. For instance, a few years ago, I made selections solely on the name and mascot of the school. The school with the more unique name and mascot always made it into the next round. So, schools like Gonzaga went far. Using this highly technical strategy, I somehow won my family’s bracket pool. However, last year, when I actually tried to make decisions based on the skills of the teams, I ended up coming in last place. And, I don’t like to lose.

So this year, I have changed my strategy. I tried to make smart, quick decisions. No over-thinking or lingering on a certain matchup, just picking what ever team stood out to me. Right now, my bracket is doing decently and I certainly hope it continues that way throughout the rest of the tournament. This year, I am not playing for anything but glory and that is certainly enough for me.

While I love brackets, my favorite part of the tournament is the upsets. Every year, there are teams that win against all odds. I love these upsets because they truly demonstrate that anything is possible. Nobody expects anything of these teams; few pick them to win in their bracket; they are truly underdogs. But somehow, they manage to play their hearts out and win. For me, there is nothing like watching the pure joy on the faces of the players as they win a game that nobody thought they could.

For instance, the Georgia State vs. Baylor game that happened the other day. Georgia State (the lower seeded team) won the game with a three pointer in the last 4 seconds. Not only was America surprised, but Georgia State’s own coach literally fell out of his chair. (If you have not watched a video of that ending, you should do it now).

March Madness is exciting, nerve-wracking, and by far the best part of March. These games prove that anything is possible, although I am hoping that the only outcomes are the ones that I predicted in my bracket.

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