Happy Summer, Blue Hens!

Many of us are spending our summer days in vastly different ways. Some of us are working away at a job or internship, while others are jet setting around the world on vacation. Still others, like a good majority of college students, are probably exhausting their parents’ Netflix accounts.

During our summer break, it is very easy for us to get lackadaisical and waste away our days without doing anything productive. My friend tweeted just the other day that one of the ways she keeps track of what day it is during the summer is through her Instagram feed; if she sees a lot of pictures of guys, she knows it is Monday (thanks to #ManCrushMonday) and if there are a lot of old pictures, it is obviously Thursday, for #ThrowbackThursday. I could not help but laugh at how sad, yet true, this tweet was for many of us on summer break.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I love my downtime. I look forward to when I can catch up with my good friends Olivia Benson and Elliott Stabler of SVU while snuggling with my dog. However, I also love to be productive. The greatest feeling in the world is when I can cross items off my to-do list. During the school year, I have so many to-do lists to help me get everything done and stay focused.  For the first time ever, I decided to integrate a to-do list for my summer this year. The items on this list are more goal-oriented; they are things that I hope I can do this summer, ranging from practical to crazy. Below are just some of the ones that I hope I can accomplish this summer to make it a successful and memorable one:

The Future-Oriented:

-Update LinkedIn profile

-Look into creating personal website

-Network and make contacts at work events

The Enjoyable:

-Catch up on House of Cards, True Detective, and/or Chuck

-Cry while watching The Fault in our Stars in theaters

-Have fun and try to remember dances on stage at dance recital

Hannah on stage at her dance recital

Hannah on stage at her dance recital 

The Hopeful:

-Visit New York City and/or Washington, D.C

-Get tickets to see The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

-Complete internship by learning a lot, but still having an enjoyable experience

I could go on and on with other goals on my to-do list. However, summer still is a time to have fun and relax before school starts back up. So this last item is probably the most important part of my to-do list that I hope to accomplish and one I hope you try and achieve, too:

-Try to find the happiest moment that perfectly sums up the summer break

I may or may not have already found that one moment. Regardless, I am still going to try and remember to have fun and enjoy my summer as much as I can to make sure I have that one pinnacle moment when school rolls back around in late August.

With that being said, I hope all you Blue Hens enjoy the rest of your summers as well and get ready for another exciting year to start!

~Hannah Tattersall

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