In the past two days I have been asked countless times what I did over my spring break. And each time, my answer has been the same: nothing. Yes, I did practically nothing over my week off and no, I am not ashamed about it.



Last year, I had the opportunity to take part in a UD Alternative Breaks program. With UDaB, I traveled to Bayboro, North Carolina to help with disaster relief from Hurricane Irene. It was a fantastic week and not only did I get to serve a needy community, but I also had the privilege of meeting many incredible Blue Hens. I would recommend that experience to anyone, because it is amazing to see what a group of students can accomplish in only one week. This year however, I was looking for something different over spring break: a week to myself to do nothing.



That is not to say that I stared at the walls in my house in suburban New Jersey all week. I had the distinct pleasure of catching up on all my television shows, shuttling my younger siblings around town (you bet my mother loved that), baking cookies, hiking, running errands, and watching some high school lacrosse games. Yes, there were days that I took three-hour naps, but there were also days when I actually buckled down and did some research for an essay that I have to write. So, it was not a fun-filled tropical vacation or a selfless service trip, but in my humble opinion, it was a fantastic week.



It certainly is not that I advocate doing nothing in all my free time. But on rare occasions, I think doing nothing is the best thing. As students, and especially as Honors students, we know that life at college is incredibly busy. For me it seems that once I make it through a round of tests, I have to start studying for the next one. With academics, extracurricular activities, and planning for the future, we usually have very little free time on our hands. That is why I found it incredibly exciting to be able to relax and put my mind at ease for a week.



So while I am all about having new experiences and taking advantage of all that UD has to offer, I also believe that it is important to have some time to ourselves. Service trips and vacations are great ways to spend spring break, but if you need to unwind, spending the week at home is an unbeatable decision. After all that time to myself, I am refreshed and ready to take on the second half of the semester, tests and all!

Who needs to travel when your home has a view like this?

Who needs to travel when your home has a view like this?


 ~Rebecca Jaeger

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