I know that this may not come across as “original”, but I’m pretty sick and tired of the cold weather already.  In my mind, once spring training for Major League Baseball begins (which it has, as of February 6th), then winter needs to pack its bags and go back to its frozen tundra until next year.

As some of you have so kindly pointed out, I really do not have much room to complain about the cold weather, and you would be right.  I was extremely fortunate this winter and happened to be studying abroad in sunny Costa Rica during the majority of winter break, so I have not had the pleasure of experiencing this “polar vortex” that everyone keeps referring to.  That being said, the cold needs to go.  I have only been back in the States (as the cool Costa Rican ex-patriots call it) for a little over a month now, and I’ve had enough, so I can only imagine how the rest of you feel.

This is not fun and nobody wants to feel like this anymore.

This is not fun and nobody wants to feel like this anymore.

What might just be the only thing worse than the cold weather is when Mother Nature keeps on messing with us by having a few days of warm weather (like 40ish degrees, which feels like an oven compared to the usual), and then bombing us with snow and misery. Stop being indecisive, Mother Nature!  Make up your mind, and stick to it!

While I have expressed my cold feelings (pun very much so intended) about this weather, I am not advocating that we go out and seek revenge upon Mr. Punxsutawney Phil, as I have shockingly heard some students suggest.  My opinion: we should just “will” spring to come.  It’s really easy, I’ll show you how:

Before you go to sleep, look out your window to the coldness outside.  The wind is howling, the water is freezing, and the trees are shaking.  See it? Good.  Now, I want you to say, neigh, orate this plea: “Oh Mother Nature, would you please take winter away and bring back summer?  It really is time.  I’m dying to break out my spring wardrobe (sun dresses for the ladies, and of course, Bermuda shorts for the bros).”  Hopefully, if enough people do it, it will possibly, maybe, probably not, most likely not work.  Well, hey, it’s worth a shot!  C’mon people, desperate times call for desperate (sometimes silly) measures!

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