Your friends won’t stop singing the same songs over and over again. Your Facebook newsfeed is filled with links and statuses about some animated snowman. That’s right, Disney came out with a new movie. I am a huge Disney fan, so once I heard about their newest animated film, Frozen, which was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, I just HAD to see it! However, once the movie ended and the lights turned on, I felt… disappointed. Now, hear me out! I do not want to upset anyone! Like I said, I love Disney. However, I felt that Frozen did not live up to all the hype that had been generated around it.Frozen

First of all, I thought the movie was very rushed. The story and characters need time to grow and develop! I understand that it is a movie and it is supposed to be relatively short, but I felt like other Disney movies were less rushed than Frozen was.

I also felt like some characters should have had larger roles.

  • First, I thought the movie should have focused more on Elsa than Anna. Anna didn’t really do anything except find her sister and fall in love with some guy! It would have been more interesting to see Elsa learning to control her powers and empower herself.
  • Next, there were the trolls, who were funny, adorable, and barely in the movie. The trolls are the only characters in the movie who understand Elsa’s powers and could have helped her control them. I felt like making the trolls such minor characters was definitely a missed opportunity.
  • Finally, the villain, Hans, who Anna falls in love with in one night, was a bit disappointing. We discover that he is evil only at the end of the movie (which really wasn’t that surprising), so he really does not even have a chance to do much evil! I felt like he should have been more prominent in the movie, being the evil villain.

My last note is about the animation. I did not notice this personally, but I have heard people complain that the animation was sloppy at some points. One thing I love about Disney is the attention to detail that is shown in each film. In Disney’s Brave, the animators worked so hard just to make Merida’s hair perfect! There should have been an equal amount of effort put into Frozen’s animation; every detail should be perfect. An animated movie should not have problems with the actual animation.

Hopefully I haven’t made anyone too angry… There were aspects of the movie that I really liked, so I want to touch on that as well.

  • First of all, I loved Elsa’s character. She was awesome, not only because of her ice powers, but also because she was a strong, independent woman who cared for her family and kingdom so much that she hid her true self in order to protect them. I also loved how she told Anna that she couldn’t marry a man that she just met the same night. Thank you, Disney!
  • Next, while there were some sloppy animation errors, there were parts in the animation that really impressed me, like the gorgeous ice castle that Elsa creates. You could see the detail in each icicle, which really showed how much effort was put into creating the ice castle.
  • Also, while some songs were a bit forgettable, I loved the song “Let It Go.” Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, has such a beautiful voice and the song was very catchy and empowering. It was so great to see Elsa letting go and finally feeling free.
  • Finally, there were moments in Frozen that were actually pretty funny. I really appreciated those bits of humor sprinkled throughout the movie, especially with Olaf the talking snowman.

So, those were my thoughts on Disney’s Frozen! I will forever be a Disney lover, and cannot wait for what movies they will create in the future.

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