A big welcome to the class of 2017 - I hope this photo shows you just how nerdy and fun UDHP is!

A big welcome to the class of 2017 – I hope this photo shows you just how nerdy and fun UDHP is!


Happy fall semester! This week at 186 South College, the blogger team members are sharing their respective “UD Stories,” to welcome the UDHP class of 2017. While we want the blog to be a platform from which prospective students can learn about all the different opportunities – and just as importantly, personalities – of UDHP, we’d also love if it could sometimes operate as a guide for the newly minted Honors Blue Hens. Being a Russell Fellow last year reminded me of just how exciting and overwhelming freshman fall semester is, so I definitely want to assure these students that though their first week, month, or even semester at UD may not go perfectly, chances are that they’ll soon get into a groove.


There are multiple aspects to college life – academic, social, extracurricular, and even emotional. While not the most exciting aspect, this seasoned senior says the academic facet is what you’re here for (and your parents agree with me).Therefore, I’d like share a few of my reflections and thoughts on major choice, as well as the advantages of adding a minor.


Freshmen, a lot of you are probably unsure if the major you’ve declared is the right fit. That’s completely fine – you just need to keep an open mind and reflect on what classes you enjoy and excel in.


Personally, I thought since 8th grade that I would be a Political Science major in college, because that’s when politics began to interest me. I’m still a Poli Sci major and have never thought about dropping it, because I have honestly enjoyed each and every one of the relevant classes here. I consider myself lucky in that aspect, because many of my friends have changed their major, or at least their concentration within the major.


Because of my own certainty, I’ll admit I don’t feel all that qualified to give advice about changing a major, but I did help a few of my freshmen through the process. My takeaway from those experiences is that above all, you should major in something that will allow you to a), enjoy your classes, and b), consider a future career at least somewhat related to that field that doesn’t make you cringe. 


However, if you’re certain that your academic passion is not practical enough, add it as a minor! Coming into college I knew I’d probably make History a second major or a minor, but had barely heard of the subjects that I ended up adding as my other minors, Sociology and Political Communication. They are all great supplements to my Poli Sci degree, but Honors kids are notorious for adding minors that are totally different from their majors, because they have multiple academic interests.


In sum, I don’t want a single freshman to look back on the actual academic experience of college and regret that they stuck with a major they hated because it was what their parents preferred, or because everyone in their social circle thought engineering was the route to take. Do what you want!


Do you have a great story of a major revelation? Comment below!


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