I’ll be completely honest. Delaware was never my first choice. I have lived in Delaware since I was seven years old and I never imagined that I would end up going to the University of Delaware. In fact, it was the last place I wanted to go because everyone I knew from high school would be going here.

I wanted to be an editor for a top magazine in New York City and only a college with a journalism program was the gateway to my dreams. I only toured one school (not UD) and after a tour of the campus I was even more in love with the university, and bought a hoodie and T-shirt to prove that I was going there. I even committed to the school, sending in a down payment of $500.

Sadly, much like Victoria’s story, the issue came down to cost, and we just weren’t able to afford it. I was absolutely devastated at first, but as soon as I told my best friends that I would be staying in Delaware, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

I remember my Honors orientation day like it were yesterday – it was extremely hot out. I got my picture taken to go on a cool ID (they were new designs my freshman year), and I met some really cool kids who I still see on campus to this day. I knew after that day that things might be all right at Delaware. Plus, you could say going to school near home had its perks. I could do laundry for free, go see my family whenever I wanted, and I was one of the only people with a car.

My best friends from high school and me at our first UD game as students.

My best friends from high school and me at our first UD game as students.

After being here for about a year, I realized how lucky I was that things didn’t work out with my dream school. I had a great roommate (who I am still good friends with today), I found a place in the best organization (PRSSA) and I had a home in the perfect major (Communication). For all of those new Blue Hens who are from the First State, remember that you’ve really always been a Blue Hen at heart; you just have to find what means the most to you here at UD.

What I learned from all of this was that things do happen for a reason. Even if it wasn’t the place I wanted to go originally, it is by far the ONLY place for me. I found a home at Delaware. The sense of pride that you feel each day (especially the first day of your senior year) is absolutely overwhelming. You may not feel like a Blue Hen at first – it takes time to find your place at such a big university! However, when you do you’ll know it’s such a great place to be…and you’ll never want to leave!

Cheers to whatever year you’re in. Extra cheers to the seniors like me. Never say the “G word.”

Chelsey Rodowicz

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