A Family Affair

Welcome back Honors Blue Hens! I have been looking forward to the start of this new school year since I moved out of Russell in May. While I have only been a sophomore for one full day of class, I know it will be a great year, although it has a lot to live up to since my freshman year was absolutely life changing.  Seeing all of the new freshmen reminds me of how excited I was this time last year and how that excitement has only grown exponentially since.  It also makes me look back and wonder why I ever was thinking about going anywhere other than the University of Delaware. Now that I am starting my second full year here, I honestly can’t picture myself at any other school.

The four Tattersall Blue Hens celebrating another UD graduation!

The four Tattersall Blue Hens celebrating another UD graduation!

How did I get here, you may be asking? Well, that story starts all the way back to the time when I was just a tiny fourth grader.  My oldest sister was in the midst of college acceptances and weighing the pros and cons of the choices.

Ultimately, the school she chose was UD, which I was extremely excited about since that meant my biggest sister would only be 20 minutes from home! Moving her into her room in Russell B1 later that year, all I remember was being extremely hot, but, as cheesy as it sounds, I remember thinking there was also something magical about this place, and was so excited for my sister.

Fast forward to later that year when my next sister was applying to colleges. She was so certain UD was for her that she only applied here! Thankfully, she got in! So, we ended up moving her into Russell too that next year and again, I was extremely hot. But, I couldn’t put my finger on what was so special about UD.

Five years later, my next sister was in the college decision process and guess what school was at the top of her list? That’s right…UD. Honestly, I was quite surprised that she decided to go here because of how different her major was from the other two sisters.  But, as we moved the third Tatt into Russell, I realized again the special quality UD had about it and how it ended up being the perfect fit for her.

Three years later, it was my turn to go through the college decision process and I was a wreck. I was so stressed about where to go! Do I follow in my sisters’ footsteps and choose UD? Or do I create my own path and go to a new school? Obviously, I decided to go to UD.  But, how did I come about that decision? When it came down to it, I kept comparing other schools I was visiting to UD because that was all I had ever known.  Each other school I looked at was lacking something that I couldn’t explain. Then, I stepped on UD’s campus and that gut feeling inside me told me this is where I belonged. Ultimately, I ended up finding out that special quality I noticed all those years ago.  There is just something about the campus that makes me feel comfortable and at home.  Because I feel comfortable, it allows me to thrive and be myself. But, because UD has such a vast array of majors, clubs, and activities for each student, every person has the ability to thrive and succeed and make these four years the best of their lives.

When it came time for me to move into Russell, even after that first day on campus, I just knew I made the right decision to follow my family and choose UD. Every day after that has just reinforced that the decision to continue to make UD a family affair was easily the best decision I have made to date, as is the case for the past, present, and future Blue Hens!

Good luck this semester!

~Hannah Tattersall

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