It’s amazing how a simple conversation can quickly bring you back to a significant moment. Today was my last day at one of my internships this summer, and another intern / fellow Blue Hen told me that he was excited to help his younger brother move into his freshman dorm. We started reminiscing about our own freshman move-in days, and laughed at how both of our dads had to drag our moms away from campus because they were lingering and about to cry at the idea of leaving their “babies.”

I remember the day I moved into Russell -the “old” home for Honors freshmen- clearly. Yet in two weeks, I will begin my senior year of college! Even though those three years went by incredibly fast, I recognize how much I’ve grown.

Therefore, as a senior who doesn’t like the finality of that title, I offer the class of 2017 congratulations, a warm welcome, and a little UDHP-specific advice on how to make the most of college!

1. Consider taking an Honors class in a field you know nothing about it. Don’t just stick to Honors classes for subjects you know you’ll ace, because you could discover new interests and talents.

2. Befriend your Munson Fellow! I held this position last year when it was called “Russell Fellow,” and I can’t stress enough that these Honors upperclassmen genuinely like to help their freshmen.

3. Even if you love each and every person on your dorm floor, be open to friendships with other people. Not only will your friends from English class or yoga club be a welcome reprieve from the inevitable occasional floor drama, they’ll introduce you to their own dorm friends! Seize every opportunity to reach out to new people.

4. Appreciate your fancy new lodging and air-conditioning.

5. Engage with your Writing Fellow. Sure, I’m biased because I am a WF, but each and every one of the Writing Fellows really is excited to help their tutees’ ideas come alive on paper. Still, we can only do so much with a so-called reluctant tutee, so come to your conference excited about improving your writing.

Most important of all, relish every moment, because before you know it, you’ll be thinking that Taylor Swift totally misrepresented the age of 22.

~Ruby Harrington

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