Back to the Homeland

Back to the Homeland

Happy summer, past, current, and prospective Blue Hens! For my first blog post of the summer, I thought I’d share about my little trip to Orange County, California. I went to visit my best friends from high school, since I don’t live there anymore and hadn’t seen them since August. It was absolutely beautiful weather, and, as cliché as it sounds, the time was just what I wanted in that it was filled with sunshine, friends, and laughs.

Here are just a few of the (admittedly touristy) things I did in California, some accompanied by pictures:

Hiking in Crystal Cove State Park, up to an amazing view of Laguna Beach coastline – yes, the same Laguna Beach from the MTV show.


Eating all-you-can-eat sushi…delicious, but never again.

Visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This unique attraction has safari animals hanging out in exhibits that are modeled after their natural habitats, more so than you’d see in most zoos.

My favorite animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Spending a day at Corona del Mar Beach, the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever seen. It was relatively empty for Memorial Day weekend, which was a pleasant surprise.

Mini-road tripping to an overpriced hipster café in Los Angeles…that I have to admit had great coffee.

Playing “lemonball.” One of my friends has a big backyard and her family has us over for summer barbecues. In that backyard is a huge lemon tree. Last summer we spontaneously decided to play baseball with the unused lemons, and so “lemonball” was born. Naturally, this year we continued the tradition. At least one hundred lemons were slaughtered, with the evidence of pulp and juice all over our clothes to prove it.

Clearly I had a busy five days, and I took so many great memories back to the East Coast with me. Most of all, I treasure that I can keep those high school friendships strong even while I live 2600 miles away. The vacation also taught me that it’s completely possible to keep up connections from college…which will be over for me in 11 months! Those of you in the Honors Class of 2017 reading this, those four years go by fast.

~Ruby Harrington


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