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“Here’s To The Good Times”

Coming into this summer had me pretty anxious and worried. Anxious because I had just had one of the best school years of my life and all of those amazing friends I made live hours away. And worried because nothing was ever going to top my family vacation I took last year to Paris.  However, if at this moment I had to describe my summer so far in just one word, I would have to say it has been rather “musical” to say the least!

Why has it been musical you may ask? While my Netflix queue does have a lot of my favorite musicals, that has nothing to do with it. 

One of the many reasons why I love living in Delaware is its close proximity to Philadelphia, meaning I have the advantage to see many of my favorite artists and bands in concert when they come to town.  So far this summer, I have already seen country singers Luke Bryan with Florida Georgia Line, Glee star Darren Criss, and a little boy band you may know of called One Direction.  I may have been one of the oldest audience members at One Direction, but I am not ashamed; they put on such an enjoyable show and I had an amazing night.  However, my favorite of the three has to be Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. All three shows were fantastic and they made me very excited to find out who will be coming for SCPAB’s fall concert this year!

One Direction concert!

One Direction concert!

My summer was also quite musical due to my summer internship as well.  Thanks to taking advantage of some networking opportunities earlier in the year, this summer I have been interning with the Delmarva Broadcasting Company with their radio station 93.7 WSTW and their morning show “The Wakeup Crew.” While it does require me to wake up at 3:45AM each morning I work, listening to some of my favorite songs the entire day helps make up for it.  Besides listening to the new songs from Macklemore and Justin Timberlake, I do much more, such as helping run the show’s social media pages, recording and editing commercials, and going out to interview our listeners occasionally.  And, as nerve-wracking as it was the fire time, I have been on-air from time to time!  Whatever I have done, it has all been a blast so far and I have enjoyed every second of it! From being forced to hula-hoop in front of the Concord Mall, to interviewing Justin Bieber’s mom, I have learned so much about a field I had little experience in.  While my time as an intern is ending very soon, I will definitely look back on this internship as the beginning of a hopeful career in the media industry.


Although my musical summer has been fantastic thus far, it is going by fairly quickly. But I have to say; I can’t wait to be back on campus for my sophomore year! It will be here before we know it!

~Hannah Tattersall


Back to the Homeland

Happy summer, past, current, and prospective Blue Hens! For my first blog post of the summer, I thought I’d share about my little trip to Orange County, California. I went to visit my best friends from high school, since I don’t live there anymore and hadn’t seen them since August. It was absolutely beautiful weather, and, as cliché as it sounds, the time was just what I wanted in that it was filled with sunshine, friends, and laughs.

Here are just a few of the (admittedly touristy) things I did in California, some accompanied by pictures:

Hiking in Crystal Cove State Park, up to an amazing view of Laguna Beach coastline – yes, the same Laguna Beach from the MTV show.


Eating all-you-can-eat sushi…delicious, but never again.

Visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This unique attraction has safari animals hanging out in exhibits that are modeled after their natural habitats, more so than you’d see in most zoos.

My favorite animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Spending a day at Corona del Mar Beach, the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever seen. It was relatively empty for Memorial Day weekend, which was a pleasant surprise.

Mini-road tripping to an overpriced hipster café in Los Angeles…that I have to admit had great coffee.

Playing “lemonball.” One of my friends has a big backyard and her family has us over for summer barbecues. In that backyard is a huge lemon tree. Last summer we spontaneously decided to play baseball with the unused lemons, and so “lemonball” was born. Naturally, this year we continued the tradition. At least one hundred lemons were slaughtered, with the evidence of pulp and juice all over our clothes to prove it.

Clearly I had a busy five days, and I took so many great memories back to the East Coast with me. Most of all, I treasure that I can keep those high school friendships strong even while I live 2600 miles away. The vacation also taught me that it’s completely possible to keep up connections from college…which will be over for me in 11 months! Those of you in the Honors Class of 2017 reading this, those four years go by fast.

~Ruby Harrington


Bright Lights, Big City

Summer. Every year, just when I’m ready to pull my hair out in the middle of finals week, I convince myself that this time, my summer will be soothing. Relaxing, even. And while, every year, this has yet to be the case, I’ve found I’m not minding the busyness during this summer in particular.  Because this summer, for the past two weeks and the next four to come, I’m interning at Cambridge University Press in New York.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you, the first day was not at all for what I’d hoped. After many collective hours pouring over city and bus maps, then subway schedules, I was sure I’d at least be able to find the AT&T Building (both where I am interning and from which Z100 broadcasts) with little to no trouble. However, after getting off at the wrong bus stop, I learned how to use the subway in about two minutes and managed to get into the building and up to the eighteenth floor right on time.

The ATT Building

the AT&T Building

Tack on a few more dilemmas, including setting up my own cubicle and phone-line at the office, and discovering my car had been towed back in Parsippany, and I was just about ready to collapse by the time I staggered off the bus back in Jersey.

Thankfully, things have improved significantly since that first day. I can successfully navigate a number of different buses and subway trains, and discovered a small park just a block or two away from my building; recently, my fellow interns and I have been fleeing the filing and faxing of Cambridge to go sit in the park and have lunch together.

And the other interns, I should add, are all every bit as friendly, fun, and witty as I’d expected they might be. I take the subway out of the office every day with one girl, and have our big group lunches with all the other interns on our floor, seventeen. It’s also great to have people in the same boat as you, so when your eyes are crossing from filing for hours, you can take a wander to someone else’s cubicle just to take a breath.

Claire's pic of Capsouto Park in Tribeca!

Claire’s pic of Capsouto Park in Tribeca!

I should mention, it isn’t all filing. I’m working in the English Language Teaching department, in Adult Editing. Some days are busier for me than others, but one of the best things I’ve gotten to do so far is revise and edit a prototype lesson for a new textbook, then write the answer key with my own short answers and essays. It’s hard to believe my writing will end up in their textbook almost a year from now, when I’ll be long gone from this internship, but this experience has taught me, among other things, that publishing is a slow and delicate process.

Cambridge has already been an experience in and of itself, and navigating New York another, and learning the intricacies still another.  With the rest of the internship stretched before me, I can only say: write on.

~Claire Davanzo


The Persistence of Friendship

Ashley takes a break from answering questions about the freshmen experience to reflect on her first summer as an upperclassman!

Coming home for the summer after freshman year of college is the strangest feeling. Even though you’ve met your friends at school less than a year ago, you probably feel closer to them than you do most of your friends from home. At the same time, you definitely do not want to lose the friends that you grew up with.  The first summer after college is the perfect time to catch up with high school friends about your first year apart.

The first reunion I had with my friends from home was surreal in a way because everyone went to college in such different areas of the country. Of course we were all ecstatic to see each other, but once we started talking about respective schools, forget it. The way I talk about UD is as if I’m talking about my child and it was the same way with my friends. I think that’s good thing though because we must really love where we ended up!

I found the different lingo that we all started using to be so interesting. My friend who goes to the University of Alabama now says “y’all” and my friend who goes to school in Boston has picked up the “wicked” trend. At UD even I picked up a few phrases that sound foreign to my friends. I also have a newfound love for country music thanks to my fellow Blue Hens.

Even though we’ve all certainly changed over the course of our first year at college, our friendship never fails to fall back to the way it always has been upon returning home. Despite our various new accents and tastes, we still laugh about the same things, treat each other the same way, and love spending time with each other just as we always have. After being home for a few weeks, I am confident that strong friendships can last through even the most drastic of changes.

~Ashley Bostwick

Ashley Photo

The City by the Bay

Which one you may ask? The city famous for its treacherous earthquake in 1906 and then again in 1989, its maximum security prison that once held Al Capone, and oh yeah, that big red bridge they call the Golden Gate – San Francisco.

I am lucky enough to be spending my summer working in the beautiful, but oddly cold for summer, city of San Francisco. Burson-Marsteller hired me on as an intern in their technology practice and although I’m only a few days in, I can tell that I’m going to love every minute of it. Everyone at the office is so friendly and willing to help and also… who else gets to play Apples to Apples on their orientation day in the office? The answer is probably no one.


My first day was a bit on the unordinary side as I had some trouble getting to work. The BART ride wasn’t quite as eventful as Caitlyn’s New York subway ride, but there WAS traffic and a medical hold, which luckily was only a stop away from where I needed to be so I was able to walk. A major lesson that I learned that morning? DO NOT FOLLOW THE MAP ON YOUR iPHONE. I was astonished when someone working at the Starbucks told me to walk the opposite way than my map seemed to be showing me. Why was that? I was on the other side of the street and turned completely around. When in doubt, ask a local for directions.

Although I’m working in the city, I haven’t had the chance to explore it yet. So when my fellow interns talk about living near ‘Twin Peaks’ or ‘outside of the Sunset’ I have no idea where that is. I provided a map for you below if you’re curious.  One of my goals for the summer is to take my runs to the city rather than back here in the East Bay where I’m staying with my dad. They say that’s the best way to learn your way around somewhere, so why not give it a shot (aside from the argument of the unclean air)? I may even take a run down the Embarcadero, which I hear is pretty flat.


Overall, the first few days have gone really well. It was a smart decision to travel out to California a week before I started so I could adjust to the time difference. Right now, my body is not enjoying this whole 12-hour on-the-go thing. It’s like I’m working a double at Border Café every day. I’m up at 6:30 and I get home at 6:30. Regardless, the experience is worth it. Here are some goals for the summer; hopefully I fulfill them.

1. Step foot in every neighborhood of San Francisco.
2. Run 10 miles in Golden Gate Park.
3. Eat at Boudin’s five times.
4. Wear every piece of clothing that I thought was important enough to overstuff my suitcases with.
5. Make the most of my internship and my time in San Francisco.

~Chelsey Rodowicz


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