Russell Dining Hall is an interesting place, to say the least, with its ideal set-up for the ultimate people-watching experience. No matter where you sit, your eyes have access to the entire hall. Whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to dine alone, Russell is the place to be.

I find the evolution of mealtimes in Russell to be quite fascinating. In the beginning of the year, floor meals are a daily occurrence since everyone sticks together for the most part. Slowly but surely, small groups form within the larger ones, leading to the once-unforeseeable possibility of actually fitting comfortably at one table. If you really make a habit of sharing meals with a specific group of people, you might even find a favorite area or specific table in the dining hall. My friends and I are partial to the booths by the window, but those tend to be hard to come by.


While Russell Dining Hall is a great place to socialize and catch up on the day’s events with your roommate or group of friends, its popularity comes with a price. No matter where you sit, you are bound to see that one person who you put your heart and soul into avoiding all week. The awkward encounter is inevitable, but at least it leads to an explosion of laughter when you sit back down with your friends.

Ambiance aside, there is one coveted gem of Russell Dining Hall that I must mention: the cookies. No one knows why these cookies are so good, but I think anyone would agree with me when I say that the line is well worth the wait. Every now and then when the workers ring the bell for the freshly baked cookies, I kid you not when I say that there is a mad dash for the dessert area. If you’re sitting in the booths in the back and can see the entirety of the hall, this is particularly amusing to watch.

Even though dining halls tend to carry a negative connotation, I personally can’t imagine my college experience without Russell. Some of my favorite memories of UD so far have occurred in this eatery and I am truly going to miss it next year. Next time you decide to have a meal at Russell, take it all in because you’ll probably never experience anything else quite like it.

Do you have any hilarious Russell Dining Hall stories? Share them below!

~Ashley Bostwick

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