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Grades were due, so summer can officially begin, amirite?

Hello 186 South College Readers!

1. It is summer. That means we won’t be posting everyday. HOWEVER, we will have some really exciting content this summer including but not limited to, Behind the Scenes at Honors videos, meet the Honors staff, and check-ins from our bloggers as they embark on internships and summer adventures. Also, be on the lookout for polls, mini contests and opportunities to let us know what you’re up to!

But for now, have a great summer, and I leave you with this gem of a music video:

~Kelli Shermeyer

(UDHP Staff Advisor)

We’re halfway there!

Every year, right at the beginning of finals week, several different religious organisations here at UD team up and host the absolutely divine Midnight Breakfast in the basement of the Newark Methodist Church on Main Street. Since I was a freshman finishing up my fall semester, several of my friends and I have been dropping our books for an hour and walking through the cool, spring air for pancakes. Last night, as I was working my way through what was arguably my third chocolate chip pancake of the evening, it hit me that this was my fourth Midnight Breakfast.

Midnight Pancakes

Midnight Pancakes

Subsequently, this means I’ve been at UD for four semesters. Which is two years.

Which is halfway through my college career.

Upon that realisation, I’m pretty sure I could have sprayed a mouthful of milk out in what would have been the world’s most impressive spit-take.

One of the contributing factors to this shock is the paradox of time that somehow sweeps over me the minute I step onto campus. Every class seems to be plodding leisurely along, completely disregarding any inclination I might have of getting out; every day seems to be class stacked atop class; every week seems to be the academic equivalent of climbing Mount Everest… and then I look back, and I’m having Midnight Breakfast when I’m positive I was just there the night before.

I should add that Midnight Breakfast (although it may sometimes seem that this is the case) has not been the only great part of my time at UD. As my semester gallops to its grand finale and my dad’s arrival to move me out on Tuesday, my mind is running in completely the opposite direction: backward.

I’ve been so lucky to have several fantastic performances this year, through E-52 and University Singers. I’ve started writing for and with the groundbreaking, dedicated 186 South College team. I’ve had dozens of mad evenings with two equally mad roommates, who I’m going to miss more desperately than they realise. I’ve had moments I can’t even remember through the haze of the exam material I’ve crammed into my head for my upcoming exams.

Please don’t misunderstand: this is not, in any way, some almost-twenty-something not-quite-mid-life crisis from a girl who has no idea where to go with her life once she graduates. Purely through the retrospective lens, I just can’t believe two years here have already flown by so quickly.

No matter what point you’re at in your career at UD, whether you’re finishing up your freshman year or your senior year (and in either case, congratulations), what I’d love for you to take away from this post is to pause. Take a breath. Look around. And be happy you’ve gotten to spend another fantastic year here.

Best of luck with your final finals , have a fantastic summer vacation, and keep the promise of another wonderful year in the back corner of your mind.

~Claire Davanzo



How-to: Create the Perfect Summer Bucket List


No matter where you are or what you’re doing this summer (unless you’re traveling the world), you’re probably going to need something to keep yourself active and not bored. Because let’s face it, even though we beg for summer we get slightly bored come mid-July. Maybe you have a full-time job this summer or you’ll be babysitting those brats next door again. Regardless, you deserve to make some time for yourself to do something fun. Here are some suggestions for your perfect 2013 summer bucket list.

1.       Visit a new place. You may be taking a family vacation this summer or planning a road trip with a friend. Whatever it is, go somewhere you’ve never been before and take in the sights. I hope to make it to Yosemite this summer while I’m in California and I’ve never even been to a national park! I wouldn’t suggest road tripping just to go to a different beach though. Do something radically different. You’ll be glad you did.

2.       Pick up a new hobby. This could include a wide range of things. If you took my advice on doing an activity with your mom, maybe that could be your new hobby. You could even find a lot of joy in analyzing clouds all day (who doesn’t?) or giving swim lessons to your little cousin. Whatever it is, allow yourself some free time to enjoy.

3.       Be a kid again. You used to make forts, catch lightening bugs, swim in the lake, have water balloon fights and camp in the backyard. Who says you can’t do that now just because you’re in college? This summer, free yourself from your adult inhibitions and play hide-and-seek outside until dark. Just remember, if the streetlights come on, it’s time to go inside.

4.       Document everything. Instead of a 30-day picture challenge, try to do a 90-day picture challenge. If you take a picture a day of something really memorable each day, you won’t be quick to forget what you did this summer. If you do absolutely nothing fun all summer (which I doubt would ever be the case), then of course there isn’t much to document. However, these are the memories you won’t want to forget, so have something to show for them!

Above all, don’t waste a minute. Before you know it, you’ll be working 40 hours a week and won’t have a summer break (unless you’re a teacher). This is my last “free” summer and I plan to live it to the fullest…even though I am still working 40 hours a week.

Good luck with finals and have a fantastic summer! Tell us what your big plans are for the next few months.

~Chelsey Rodowicz


An Open Letter to Mom

All of us can agree that going home for breaks from college is pretty awesome. Trips home during the latter years of college are still great, but do definitely feel different – for me at least. There is a little less coddling from Mom and lectures about safety from Dad, and a weird combination of greater appreciation for my parents and feeling stifled by having to report my every movement. Still, I find that it’s when I’m away at school that I really appreciate my parents. So, in honor of Mother’s Day I’d particularly like to recognize what my mom has done and continues to do to support me while I’m in college, because I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I do at school – and enjoy it like I do – without her in my corner. I think this sentiment is true for all college students (…except, of course, my mom does it all a little bit better J), and I hope it inspires you, the 186 South College reader, to tell your mom from the bottom of your heart why you appreciate her.

The author c  1997 with Momma Harrington

The author c 1997 with Momma Harrington

Not particularly gushy, but let’s get the obvious one out of the way:  Thanks to you and Dad for giving me money for college!

Thanks for encouraging me to push out of my comfort zone and try new things and experiences, such as traveling to Italy (winter 2014, can’t wait!), pursuing challenging but interesting undergraduate research, being a Russell Fellow, moving off campus, and more.

Thanks for reminding me to look at the big picture when I’m stressed about schoolwork.

This one’s pretty adorable – thanks for coming up with great ideas about little holiday gifts for my freshmen.

Thanks for not complaining when I’m having a bad week and go spend a ridiculous amount of money at the grocery store on yogurt.

Thanks for suggesting improvements to my resume during the taxing summer internship search (and thus helping me land some great positions!).

Thanks for giving the best advice when I’m faced with tough decisions.

Now that you live in Delaware, thanks for constantly offering to wash my laundry – though we all know you do that slightly more out of a distinctly mom-like affinity for laundry than a desire to take the task off my hands.

Thanks for always being my #1 fan.

Thanks for being you!

What does your mom do for you?

~Ruby Harrington


“I’d Give it Five Stars”

Russell Dining Hall is an interesting place, to say the least, with its ideal set-up for the ultimate people-watching experience. No matter where you sit, your eyes have access to the entire hall. Whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to dine alone, Russell is the place to be.

I find the evolution of mealtimes in Russell to be quite fascinating. In the beginning of the year, floor meals are a daily occurrence since everyone sticks together for the most part. Slowly but surely, small groups form within the larger ones, leading to the once-unforeseeable possibility of actually fitting comfortably at one table. If you really make a habit of sharing meals with a specific group of people, you might even find a favorite area or specific table in the dining hall. My friends and I are partial to the booths by the window, but those tend to be hard to come by.


While Russell Dining Hall is a great place to socialize and catch up on the day’s events with your roommate or group of friends, its popularity comes with a price. No matter where you sit, you are bound to see that one person who you put your heart and soul into avoiding all week. The awkward encounter is inevitable, but at least it leads to an explosion of laughter when you sit back down with your friends.

Ambiance aside, there is one coveted gem of Russell Dining Hall that I must mention: the cookies. No one knows why these cookies are so good, but I think anyone would agree with me when I say that the line is well worth the wait. Every now and then when the workers ring the bell for the freshly baked cookies, I kid you not when I say that there is a mad dash for the dessert area. If you’re sitting in the booths in the back and can see the entirety of the hall, this is particularly amusing to watch.

Even though dining halls tend to carry a negative connotation, I personally can’t imagine my college experience without Russell. Some of my favorite memories of UD so far have occurred in this eatery and I am truly going to miss it next year. Next time you decide to have a meal at Russell, take it all in because you’ll probably never experience anything else quite like it.

Do you have any hilarious Russell Dining Hall stories? Share them below!

~Ashley Bostwick

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