This past Saturday, April 27, was “Ag Day,” an annual event held by the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. What is Ag Day? In the simplest terms, I would describe it as an agriculture-focused community fair. Though I’ve always heard great things about Ag Day, I somehow had never been to the event until this year. It was a beautiful, 70-something degree day, enjoyed by both cute little kids with their families and college students.


During the two-and-a-half hours I spent at Ag Day, I listened to some great cover bands, ate a delicious pulled pork sandwich, watched a sheep be shorn, bought a “vintage” (aka, 2012) Ag Day t-shirt, got some free stuff, and learned about the different agricultural initiatives taken up by UD students and Delawareans. For instance, I tasted great hummus from the Down-to-Earth Food Co-op, a student-run group which provides healthy and affordable means for UD students. The Ag College also showed off some seeing-eye dogs, and sold cheap hayrides around the property. Ag College students had informative booths about different aspects of food production. Newark’s own “I Don’t Give a Fork” food cart, established by a UD alum, had an enormous line of excited patrons. And, of course, multiple UDairy Creamery locations were set up to give the people what they wanted.


So why does the Ag College put on this awesome event every year? I talked to Jess Applebaum, a Russell Fellow majoring in Pre-Veternariny and Animal Biosciences, to find out. She explained that the goal of Ag Day “is to educate the public about agriculture and natural resources.” She enjoys Ag Day because it shows that agriculture is not just a synonym for farming; rather, “it teaches people about all aspects of agriculture and farm-to-fork production, which involves everything from growing crops, growing feed, managing animals, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, production machinery, food safety, business, statistics, managing our natural resources to effectively feed an entire population,” and more. This Ag Day, Jess painted faces with the Animal Science Club and helped prepare pulled pork for the Alpha Zeta (co-ed honors agricultural fraternity) tent.


I would highly recommend future Ag Days to anyone in the UD – or broader Newark – community. 186 South College readers, what was your favorite part of Ag Day?

~Ruby Harrington



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