How-to: Broaden your mind and ‘think bigger’

We have all seen the theories that meditation will help you broaden your mind and be at one with yourself. You will be more connected with your emotions and feel more relaxed. I’m not disproving the power of meditation when I say this, but who has time for that?! I know I don’t, especially during a week like this one where my professors decide to have all my term papers due. Unfortunately, that’s when I need it most!

However, I do have some tips on how to broaden your mind (without meditation) but also without overloading yourself with graduate level classes because you think that’s the only way to expand your knowledge. I know Honors students don’t like to be mediocre, so here’s how to reach above that.

1.       Take ten minutes to yourself in the morning. Most mornings, if we’re not rushed because we slept through our alarm clock, we’re feeling lethargic. Take advantage of that feeling and while you’re brushing your teeth, waiting for the shower to heat up or watching your eggs cook, do something intellectually stimulating (like read our blog! Start here for some more inspiration!) . Many mornings, I’ll read through my Twitter feed for the latest PR news or check through my bookmarked websites. Not only will it help you expand your knowledge on things that interest you, but it will also get your day kick started.

2.       Allow yourself ONE fun/challenging class a semester. It depends where you get your kicks, but I would suggest setting aside time in your schedule each semester for that one challenging class that is outside of your major that will force you to think, or take a fun class like Team Sports. You will stimulate that part of your brain that isn’t engaged during your Organic Chemistry classes and work the creative side.

3.       Visit somewhere new. We are lucky enough to be close to at least four major cities: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City. All of them are within three hours driving distance and you are able to take in so many new sites and an immense amount of our nation’s history. Even if you wanted to head to the aquarium for the day, just take that extra time to learn something new outside of the classroom (even if it is what type of food penguins like to eat).

4.       Get involved. Maybe you think you might not have the time to donate to something else as an Honors Chemical Engineer, but there are so many clubs out there! Sure, it’s great to be involved with something related to your major, that’s what I do, but maybe try something in an area of interest. Perhaps you really like environmental causes, or health-issue groups. Challenge yourself to attend a meeting and you’ll even meet a new group of people!

As Honors students, of course we have a full course load. However, we also have the drive to push ourselves further all of the time. Don’t overdo it of course, but take a step towards broadening your mind and daring yourself to think bigger. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to check out for some more inspiration! Dare to think Bigger!

Take it easy.

~Chelsey Rodowicz

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  1. This is such a great article, Chelsey! I love all of the tips and quotes. Awesome job.

    Monica at

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