Netflix Spring Break

Congratulations, UD: you’ve finally made it. You’ve reached Spring Break. Your midterms are finished, your windows and doors are locked, and mere hours stand between you and an extravagant, expensive expedition or excursion; an exotic exploration of an extremely ex—

What, you mean you’re not doing that?

Trust me, I feel your pain. UD runs some amazing alternative Spring Break trips, both recreational and service-oriented, but with my schedule and budget, those just aren’t in the picture for me this semester. Which is why when I arrive back at home-sweet-Parsippany-New-Jersey-home, I’ll be snuggling up with a big cup of hot chocolate and the beautiful, red wonderland of Netflix. You, too, can manage this with the simple ease of $8 a month and all the movies and TV you could possibly want.

That said, here are my time-sensitive recommendations for your Netflix Spring Break..

I’ll have a few hours here and there. Recommendation: BBC’s Sherlock. This modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective novels is brilliant in ways that are simply elementary, my dear Watsons. Each episode is only an hour and a half, and to date, there is a grand total of six episodes (fans of the show are sometimes called “the Fandom that Waited,” because it takes so long for new episodes to come out). Sherlock has a sarcastic, utterly British sense of humour, and should not be watched sleep-deprived.

I have about enough time to watch one season of a show. Recommendation: Fox’s Firefly. About one season is exactly what you get with this staggeringly captivating sci-fi show (one season, plus a movie). From the mighty Joss Whedon comes Captain Mal Reynolds, a retired army veteran of a war long since ended; his first mate and fellow veteran, Zoe; and the rest of their cobbled-together crew. The show exudes mystery, and although I’ve not finished the series yet (because I’m holding out as long as I can to keep something to look forward to), I hear the ending is heartbreaking.

I will probably be getting cozy with my laptop. Recommendation: AMC’s The Walking Dead. The words I’ve most recently heard used to describe this horror drama are “scary” and “emotionally draining,” so set aside a stable chunk of time this break. The show follows Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes as he and the remaining survivors of this post-apocalyptic world attempt to survive on an Earth dominated by “walkers,” or zombies.

What is a social life? Recommendation: BBC’s Doctor Who. The longest-running sci-fi show in history (sprinting towards its 50th anniversary next year!) is worth every instant of your free time this break. And I’m not just saying that because Doctor Who is my absolute favourite on this list. The show follows the Doctor (not Doctor Who), a two-hearted Time Lord who whirls around the universe in his TARDIS, and the companions he picks up along the way. If you choose to watch, do yourself a favour and start where Netflix suggests: with the 2005 episode “Rose.”

The author with her sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who


~Claire Davanzo

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  1. Miss Claire, You are a rip!!!!

    Love & Hugs

  2. I would highly recommend giving the TV show “Bones” a try! It is just the right combination of a crime fighting, humor and a strong female lead… there’s also a little bit of drama thrown in too! Give it a try!

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