Any questions or concerns? Just ask Ashley!

Hey there! I’m Ashley, a blogger and photographer for this lovely collection of thoughts straight from 186 South College. When I received my acceptance to the University of Delaware Honors Program about a year ago I was excited beyond belief with the exception of one thing – I hadn’t the slightest idea of what being a part of an Honors Program would actually be like.

Would we be completely cut off from the rest of the UD student body? Will everyone have their nose buried in books 24/7? Will there be a crazy amount of extra work? I had no idea. To answer some of the questions that are probably running through your mind, my posts will be aimed primarily at prospective students looking for a little insight about what being a member of the UD Honors community actually entails. Let me tell you, I wish I’d known all along that becoming a part of this amazing group of students would one of the best decisions I’d ever make!

As you can probably already realize from reading previous posts from my peers, the Honors Program is a pretty cool place to be. But all basic information that you can find in pamphlets and info sessions aside, this blog is the place you can come to ask anything and everything about the Honors Program from a real, live student’s perspective.

From now on, I’ll start my posts with a question asked via commenting by one of you high school seniors and do my best to answer it based upon my experience as an Honors student thus far. I hope this helps calm your nerves about beginning the biggest, most action-packed chapter of your life! Keep in touch! Send us a message here if you want more info on the Honors Program.

~Ashley Bostwick


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