I spent this past winter session in London studying English and theatre! The London ENGL/THEA study abroad program was a whirlwind of a month across the pond. I saw 11 shows between class and my free time, and visited countless galleries and museums, which are mostly free to the public. Among the many things that I will never forget is the first time I heard Big Ben, the giant bell inside the famous clock tower, chime. I was watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on a particularly dreary Sunday, a ceremony in which the palace guards on duty are relieved and a new set of guards take their places. While the guard band was taking a short break between songs, I heard a low, rumbling “GONG” coming from the distance. I turned my head and through the fog I saw the clock tower with both of its hands pointing up. Big Ben was striking noon. It is one of the most poignant memories I have of this past winter session.
~Mary Jean, Honors Human Services Major, Class of 2014

Photo by Nikki Gomes, from her trip to Granada Spain

We loved Nikki’s pictures so much we wanted to include another one!
submitted by Nikki Gomes, from her trip to Granada, taken by Nina Raspa

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