by Cameron Miller

“When in Spain, do as the Españoles do.” Follow this rule and you surely will have a cultural experience you will never forget! I’ve been living abroad in Seville, Spain for almost three months now and am happy to say that I am conversationally fluent in Spanish, I have been in five different countries, and I have seen four different professional soccer (futbol) games with some of the best players in the world! Every day has been packed with adventures and chances to learn, whether I am staying up till 6 A.M. like the locals usually do, waiting to find a hostel in Vienna, Austria until midnight, eating pasta in Milan, Italy, or sitting in the Spanish movie theatre for my Spanish film class. When I eventually come home on December 14th and reverse culture shock starts to set in, that is when I will really realize how much Study Abroad and España have changed me. Make sure to take advantage of UD and everything it has to offer – especially studying abroad! ¡Hasta luego!

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