How to View Your Honors Coursework

To view your honors coursework (completed and in progress), there is an Honors Coursework section in your Degree Audit in UDSIS. The purpose of this section is to allow you to more easily recall your honors coursework so that you can track your own progress toward the requirements for the General Honors Award and/or Honors Degree.

Click here for instructions on locating the Honors Coursework list in your Degree Audit.

Please note: This list does not indicate whether a course will count in fulfilling specific honors requirements or if you are on track to complete the requirements for General Honors Award and/or Honors Degree.

For example, this list will include an honors course that you chose to take Pass/Fail which would not count toward any Honors award/degree requirement (unless the course was only offered Pass/Fail). Furthermore, this list does not include graduate level coursework which might be able to count for honors credit.

If you have questions about the Honors Coursework list and how courses apply toward the General Honors Award or Honors Degree, contact the Honors College at

Once you have 60 total earned credits (including AP/IB and transfer credits) and you do not intend to change majors/degrees, you can declare your intention to earn the Honors Degree by reviewing the instructions at Declaring your Honors Degree, and Degree Options. Please be sure to first check if there is an Honors Degree available in your major at Current Honors Degrees. Declaring the Honors Degree will provide you with an Honors Degree section of your Degree Audit in UDSIS, which will help you track your progress toward the Honors Degree in your major.