Student Opportunities

The Honors Planning Board

The Honors Planning Board (HPB) serves to offer programming that reaches all Honors students, including upperclassmen and those who live off-campus. HPB offers additional leadership positions within the Honors College and enables students to have great influence in co-curricular programming and planning decisions.

HPB seeks to engage students through a variety of programs including field trips, outdoor adventures, professional development workshops, faculty dinners, and current event discussions.

To get involved, start by emailing Sarah Dobe-Hund, the Co-Curricular Coordinator, at


  • Out & About: These field trips are organized by students and are designed to get Honors students Out & About in the area. We’ve gone to sporting events, comedy shows, museums, aquariums, Dave & Buster’s and local festivals, all for a reduced cost to you.
  • Honors Adventure Club: Students who join HAC are planning field trips that have an adventurous twist – so far they’ve gone hiking, camping, horseback riding, to a flashlight corn maze, and to National Parks in our region.
  • 12 at the Table: Have you thought about balancing your budget or resolving a conflict in your life? Our faculty at UD have such interesting things to say, but not always about their subjects or in a lecture hall. Students in this committee pick the best professors and get them to chat with students over dinner in an informal setting. It’s a great way to connect with faculty outside of the classroom and to indulge your intellectual curiosity.

All Honors students are welcome to participate in HPB.  Read the Honors Weekly Update emails that come on on Mondays to find out what events are coming up!

First Year Fellows

These first-year Honors students work with the Munson Fellows to develop community in the First Year Living Learning Community. They assist with advertisement and plan programs for other first year students that can be in the lounges, on campus, or in surrounding communities. First Year Fellows are volunteers who are expected to plan several programs over the course of the year and attend regular planning meetings. They are recruited in early Fall via interest meetings, and the application and selection process occurs in October.  First Year Fellows serve through the end of the Spring semester. Email Co-Curricular Coordinator, Sarah Dobe-Hund ( for exact dates and more information.

Other Opportunities

Dean’s Scholars

The Dean’s Scholar Program serves the needs of students whose clearly defined educational goals cannot be effectively achieved by pursuing the standard curricula for existing majors, minors, and interdepartmental majors sponsored by the University. Driven by an overarching passion or curiosity that transcends typical disciplinary bounds and curricula, a Dean’s Scholar’s intellectual interests may lead to broad interdisciplinary explorations of an issue or to more intense, in-depth studies in a single field at a level akin to graduate work.

Working with a team of faculty advisors, Dean’s Scholars design an individualized program to meet their educational goals and are offered some flexibility in meeting degree requirements. The program is available in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts and Sciences, The Lerner College Business and Economics, Health Sciences, and Education and Public Policy. Dean’s Scholars in Arts and Sciences and in Agriculture and Natural Resources may qualify for Honors Degrees.

Information and the application procedures for the Dean’s Scholars Program may be found on the Dean’s Scholars web site.

Medical/Dental Scholars

This is a unique early admissions dual track premedical/pre-dental eight-year academic program sponsored by the University of Delaware in consort with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. It is designed for those unique students who are certain that they want to become physicians or dentists and who desire a program of academic study blending the scientific and cultural aspects of the various medical professions.

This program in medicine or dentistry is accomplished by providing highly qualified students with a balanced education in liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. The commonly shared curriculum in preparation for these two professions not only includes the traditional courses in the life/physical sciences but also the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas related to medicine or dentistry dealing with bioethics, administration and public policy, or translational research. Small group discussions, problem-based instruction, and discipline specific practicum experiences in clinical/institutional settings all experienced with strong mentoring are special aspects of the program.

For more information about the program, contact the faculty coordinator at (302) 831-4949 or consult the Medical/Dental Scholars web site.

Undergraduate Research Program

This program provides exceptionally capable and highly motivated undergraduates, while they are still beginners, to participate in what is happening on the frontiers of knowledge today by serving as assistants or junior members of research teams. Through hands-on experience, students learn to formulate significant questions, develop investigative procedures, gather and examine evidence, follow hunches, detect loopholes, and evaluate and report results.

For more information, contact the Undergraduate Research Program office by e-mail at, by telephone at 831-8995, or by visiting the Undergraduate Research Program web site.

Study Abroad

The University of Delaware offers students in any college a variety of opportunities to participate in one or more study-abroad programs in the fall and spring semesters and during the winter and summer sessions. In non-English-speaking countries the language of instruction varies, depending on the program selected; some are offered in English, some in the language of the host country. Some programs are coordinated by a University faculty member who accompanies the students abroad and teaches in the program. The Center for Global Programs & Services provides overall coordination. All study-abroad courses carry University of Delaware credit and Honors credit can sometimes be arranged.

For information on participation requirements, costs and financial assistance, visit the Center for Global Programs & Services in Elliott Hall, 26 E. Main Street or call (302) 831-2115, or send an e-mail to