Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows 2019-2020

Abby Evans, ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I am a member of Delta Delta Delta, Kindness Counts, and Active Minds. I love dogs, cooking, and watching Netflix comedy specials in my free time.
Why I’m looking forward to this year:I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to plan events for my peers to encourage community bonding.

Adarsh Kannan, ’22

Major: Chemical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I’m a member of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineering) student group on campus.  In my free time, I enjoy watching shows, sports, and playing the keyboard.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I’m excited to meet more people and plan events for them in Harter and Sharp

Cole Lazarus, ’21

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biology
Involvement/Interests: I’m currently involved with 8-bit orchestra, History Club, and the Zhuang Research Group.  When I’m not in class or lab, I enjoy playing video games, writing, and music.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I’m excited to be getting involved with the Honors Program and can’t wait to help plan lots of fun events for everyone.  I hope to increase the community in our halls by hosting game and card nights, so be sure to stop by!

Julia Gray, ’21

Major: Exercise Science (BS) and Music (BA)
Minor: Dance
Involvement/Interests: I enjoy the performing arts, community service, baking, and all things Disney and Harry Potter. This year, I plan to also be involved with University Singers, Catholic Campus Ministry, Tier 3 BHLP, Symphony Orchestra, National Honor Society for the Dance Arts, and HTAC (but probably not all at the same time because I do value sleep). I am also the president of NHSDA this year. 
Why I’m looking forward to this year:I am looking forward to remaining engaged and involved with the Honors program for a third year and getting to know the new residents of Sharp and Harter.

Jack Stone, ’22

Majors: Meteorology & Climatology, Geography
Involvement/Interests: Track, orchestra, and the American Meteorological Society
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I look froward to getting more involved with Honors and engaging my fellow students in enjoyable events and activities.  I plan to host movie nights, hiking trips, cooking nights, and themed events.

Matt Balbierer, ’22

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minors: Material Science, Mathematics
Involvement/Interests: I am involved with Aero SAE, Engineers without Borders, and ASME
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I am looking forward to getting to help people, give back to the Honors Program, and get more leadership experience.  I am hoping to plan a video game tournament this year.

Lindsay Johnston, ’21

Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: History
Involvement/Interests: I am an Honors FYS Peer Mentor and am Treasurer of the Society of Women Engineers.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I like planning events and being involved with Honors.  Expect to see movie nights, dinners with faculty (Lifelong Learning Series) and a Pi Day event!

Mark Wolgin, ’21

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Political Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I play the trombone with the University of Delaware’s Pep Band, Collegiate Band, and 8-Bit Orchestra.  I also like to hang out with the board game club (and typically hold game nights in Sharp!) and am a brother of PMA.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I look forward to meeting the different people living in Sharp and Harter this year and integrating the community.