Honors Community Fellows

Honors Community Fellows

Honors Community Fellows are upper-division Honors students who help facilitate the Honors community after the first year.  Simply put, they plan events to build community among upperclassmen. The HC Fellows are mostly sophomores and juniors looking for a way to stay involved with Honors life.  For students looking to be HC Fellows, the application is typically available in late fall, with interviews taking place in late February-early March.  HC Fellows are volunteers and do not receive a stipend.  This allows them to maintain other commitments and/or study abroad for a full semester while staying connected to Honors.  Follow the Honors Weekly Update emails for information sessions in January.  The application is available here: https://tinyurl.com/HCFapp2021 until February 19, 2021.

Ari August, ’21

Major: Biological Sciences
Involvement/Interests: Healthcare theatre, MedScholars Program, being outdoors.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I am looking forward to a new experience, living off-campus for the first time, and not having to study for the MCAT anymore.

Random Fact: I built an entire playground (treehouse slide, monkey bars, double swing, ladder, etc.) with just sticks and twine with one of my summer camp units.

Caroline Berger, ’22

Majors: Art Conservation & Art History
Minors: Chemistry & English
Involvement/Interests: Rubber Chickens Improv, E-52 Theatre, Art Conservation Club (although I’ve yet to be able to attend a meeting – maybe this year!). I’m a huge art nerd and I love hiking and being outside.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I’m excited to get weird and quirky with my events this year.  Look for organic tie-dye tutorials, scrambled egg fest, abstract paint night, and the Gilmore Girls 20th Anniversary watch party.

Random Skill/Thoughtful Suggestion: I am really good at detangling knots (string, necklaces, hair).  I like order and apply “detangling” techniques to my life as often as I can.  Start with a small section or piece and work outwards from there.  Even if it take a while to fix a problem and create order, every little step is progress.  Progress always matters.

Jeffrey Cragin, ’21

Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: I’ve been practicing kenpo karate since I was five and do it whenever I’m at home. I like playing computer games, but don’t have time for them during the semester. I am a moderator on a forum of >95,000 users related to one of my favorite computer games!
Interests: Linkin Park, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and taking courses just for fun. I have also proudly served on the Perkins Live Crew since the spring of my freshman year.

Why I’m looking forward to this year: This is my second time being an Honors Community Fellow.  I took my junior year off and got involved with the American Chemical Society (Student Affiliates) executive board.  I’m looking forward to engaging with Honors upperclassmen again, even in a virtual format.

Megan Englert, ’23

Major: Art History, Statistics
Minor: Computer Science
Involvement/Interests: I play viola in the Symphony Orchestra and TA for CISC108.  I love board games, audiobooks, and playing in pit orchestra for musical theatre.

Why this year is going to be great: While social distancing and the online setting has completely changed the way we can hold events, it has definitely provided an opportunity to find totally new and creative ways to spend time with each other.  Bringing people together online is a big challenge, but it will be a fun one!

Samantha Haas, ’23

Majors: Neuroscience & Psychology
Minors: Sexuality & Gender Studies
Involvement/Interests: I am part of the UD Marching Band and hope to get more involved with the Lavender Programming Board this year. I enjoy reading, movies, tennis, games, and pool (billiards).
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I am looking forward to getting more involved in general. I really enjoy planning activities that could make the community a better place and look forward to interacting with more classmates and enhancing my leadership skills.

Open to new things: I especially love learning new music and new instruments but I also enjoy exposing myself to new genres of books and movies and new activities.

Ankita Prasad, ’22

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Violin
Involvement/Interests: Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity, symphony orchestra and chamber ensemble.  I like reading (when I can), playing piano, and doing Zumba (or as we now know it…ZOOM-ba).

Why I’m looking forward to this year: I joined the HC Fellows team in the spring semester, right before we were sent home.  So I’m looking forward to planning all the events I had in my head, including a paper crane/ paper crafts night, dinner with professors, and movie nights.

Jack Stone, ’22

Majors: Meteorology & Climatology, Geography
Involvement/Interests: HENS service RSO, orchestra, club cross country and the American Meteorological Society

Something about me: I rescue and raise small animals at home, which I’ve been able to do a lot of since March. This will be my second year as a Community Fellow and I’m looking forward to coming up with new ideas for the fall.