Senior Fellows

UDHP students can apply for this volunteer position to serve as a program assistant and peer mentor in upper division Honors residence halls. Often times, these students are looking for ways to stay connected to the Honors program while living with their friends and hallmates from Freshman year. Senior Fellows plan the annual Halloween Dance and, the Upper Division Housing Tour as well as develop a community within their residence hall buildings.

The application and selection process for Senior Fellows typically begins one week into the Spring semester and runs concurrently with the Munson Fellows process. Applications will be made available online and also sent out in email form at the start of the application process. This volunteer position begins in April and continues through the following academic year.  Recruitment for 2019-2020 has closed.  For information on the 2020-2021 recruitment process, be on the lookout for information beginning in November!

Senior Fellows 2019-2020

Abby Evans, ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I am a member of Delta Delta Delta, Kindness Counts, and Active Minds. I love dogs, cooking, and watching Netflix comedy specials in my free time.
Why I’m looking forward to this year:I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to plan events for my peers to encourage community bonding.

Adarsh Kannan, ’22

Major: Chemical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I’m a member of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineering) student group on campus.  In my free time, I enjoy watching shows, sports, and playing the keyboard.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I’m excited to meet more people and plan events for them in Harter and Sharp

Cole Lazarus, ’21

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biology
Involvement/Interests: I’m currently involved with 8-bit orchestra, History Club, and the Zhuang Research Group.  When I’m not in class or lab, I enjoy playing video games, writing, and music.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I’m excited to be getting involved with the Honors Program and can’t wait to help plan lots of fun events for everyone.  I hope to increase the community in our halls by hosting game and card nights, so be sure to stop by!

Julia Gray, ’21

Major: Exercise Science (BS) and Music (BA)
Minor: Dance
Involvement/Interests: I enjoy the performing arts, community service, baking, and all things Disney and Harry Potter. This year, I plan to also be involved with University Singers, Catholic Campus Ministry, Tier 3 BHLP, Symphony Orchestra, National Honor Society for the Dance Arts, and HTAC (but probably not all at the same time because I do value sleep). I am also the president of NHSDA this year. 
Why I’m looking forward to this year:I am looking forward to remaining engaged and involved with the Honors program for a third year and getting to know the new residents of Sharp and Harter.

Jack Stone, ’22

Majors: Meteorology & Climatology, Geography
Involvement/Interests: Track, orchestra, and the American Meteorological Society
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I look froward to getting more involved with Honors and engaging my fellow students in enjoyable events and activities.  I plan to host movie nights, hiking trips, cooking nights, and themed events.

Matt Balbierer, ’22

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minors: Material Science, Mathematics
Involvement/Interests: I am involved with Aero SAE, Engineers without Borders, and ASME
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I am looking forward to getting to help people, give back to the Honors Program, and get more leadership experience.  I am hoping to plan a video game tournament this year.

Lindsay Johnston, ’21

Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: History
Involvement/Interests: I am an Honors FYS Peer Mentor and am Treasurer of the Society of Women Engineers.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I like planning events and being involved with Honors.  Expect to see movie nights, dinners with faculty (Lifelong Learning Series) and a Pi Day event!

Mark Wolgin, ’21

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Political Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering
Involvement/Interests: I play the trombone with the University of Delaware’s Pep Band, Collegiate Band, and 8-Bit Orchestra.  I also like to hang out with the board game club (and typically hold game nights in Sharp!) and am a brother of PMA.
Why I’m looking forward to this year: I look forward to meeting the different people living in Sharp and Harter this year and integrating the community.