Honors Community Fellows

Honors Community Fellows by Sarah Dobe-Hund


Honors Community Fellows are student programmers and event planners who help continue building community beyond the first year.  Most live in the upper division living learning community (located in Brown & Sypherd halls for 21-22) but some live nearby in off-campus housing.  Most Community Fellows are sophomores like most of the residents in the living learning community.  Like Munson Fellows, these students will let you know what’s happening in Honors and around campus and will coordinate social events too.  They are volunteers, so show your appreciation by attending their events! 

Students interested in serving as an Honors Community Fellow must be a social person who likes event planning.  They also should plan to live on campus during the years they want to serve as Community Fellows.* The application process runs from late November to mid-March.

*Covid-19 altered this expectation for 2021-2022.