John Vaile

Honors Degree, Biochemistry & Honors Degree, Spanish Studies

What’s Next? Pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. 

Carissa Walkosak

Honors Degree, Biological Sciences & Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies

Point of Pride: Being on the Executive Board of Phi Delta Epsilon, the medical fraternity at UD, was one of the most fulfilling and challenging parts of my undergraduate career. I was honored to be elected by my peers to the role and work closely with people who I had made great relationships with (all friends from freshman year!), but it was a lot more difficult than I thought. There were a lot of obstacles throughout my year as Secretary, but I came out of it knowing how to collaborate and think quickly on my feet and I created a great relationship with the national office of the organization!

What’s Next? Starting in July, I will be attending Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

Jamie Wechsler

Honors Degree, Music Education

Point of Pride: My contributions to the Deltones a cappella group.  Not only was I able to create captivation arrangements for the group and music direct this past year, but I was able to create a positive atmosphere in rehearsals and lead us into closer community with each other.

What’s Next? I will be living in Delaware with my new husband, and will hopefully be working as a music teacher in New Castle County!

Susanna Weir

Honors Degree, Communication

Points of Pride: I had the opportunity to become a Writing Fellow for the Honors Program during my time at UD, and it was undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Being able to assist first-year students with their writing and watch each and every one of them improve throughout the semester was extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I have also loved being a Technical Writing Intern with the UD Information Technologies Communication Group. This has taught me so many valuable skills that I know will benefit me moving forward in both my education and career. Through both of these opportunities, I have met incredible people that have taught me so much and have constantly pushed me to work to my potential.

What’s Next? I will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Media Communication at the University of Delaware. 

Stephen Wemple

Honors Degree with Distinction, Economics & Environmental & Resource Economics

Point of Pride: Researching with Dr. Leah Palm-Forster! She helped me put together my senior thesis and I learned so much from her.

What’s Next? Working in New York City for BNP Paribas as a part of their rotational Analyst Management Program.

Sarah Wenyon

Honors Degree, Biological Sciences & Liberal Studies

Point of Pride: I am a founding member of the Delaware iGEM research team here on campus! It is through participating and leading iGEM with my fellow team members over the past four years that I not only have been able to conduct some awesome research in synthetic biology, but I have been able to develop as a leader, collaborate with fellow students from across the globe at various universities, and I have met some of the most inspiring and hardworking people at this university. It is because of the mentors and hardworking members of this team that this organization will continue for years to come!

What’s Next? I will be moving to Cambridge, England in September to enroll in the MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise Program at the University of Cambridge. I have deferred medical school until the Fall of 2021, so once I return from England I will enroll at Sidney Kimmel Medical School in the Fall of 2021!

Amy Wilhelm

Honors Degree, Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Point of Pride: The time I have spent trying to make improvements for the students that come after me. For example, I recently organized a veterinary school application informational session/panel in order to help the next round of applicants feel more confident throughout the process.

What’s Next? I will be attending veterinary school at the University of Missouri.

Jill Wilhelm

Honors Degree, Cognitive Science & Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry

Point of Pride: I am most proud of having done research experience in both of my majors.

What’s Next? I am going to Hartberg, Austria to teach English on an assistantship offered in partner with the Fulbright program. I will also be completing a joint program to earn a Fragrance and Cosmetic Masters Degree at the University of Versailles in France and a Masters Degree in Business and Management at the University of Padova in Italy.

Emily Williamson

Honors Degree, Marketing & Operations Management

Point of Pride: During my time at UD, I was incredibly proud to serve as an Orientation Leader, as well as a Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Business Course. I will never forget the complete shock I felt when I was chosen to represent the University of Delaware as 1 of 20 orientation leaders, as only a first-year-student, as this prestigious role was typically awarded to upperclassmen with more experience. As an OL, I had the unique opportunity to connect with thousands of potential students and parents, and I felt great pride sharing my Blue Hen Spirit, and providing comfort and knowledge to these students who nervously walked onto campus, picked their classes, and met their future classmates. I greatly valued the connections I made, and I wanted to find a way to continue to give back to first year students, which I was able to do as a TA. I learned so much about myself, my leadership style, and made lasting and meaningful connections with students that I call friends to this day. I am forever grateful for these two opportunities, as I feel that have shaped me into the person I am today, and have prepared me for leadership roles in my career.

What’s Next? I will be working for PepsiCo as a sales manager in their North Philly warehouse.  I was a sales management intern in their Wilmington office and received a job offer at the end of it.  I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the help of UD – I made my initial connection at the Career Fair!

Allison Worms

Honors Degree, Marketing & Operations Management

Point of Pride: The work I did for UDance and The B+ Foundation. UDance became the definition of my college experience. I learned leadership skills, teamwork strategies, but most importantly what it truly means to be passionate about something. I will never forget all the students I worked with, the B+ Heroes and their families, and the amazing opportunities it gave me for my future!

What’s Next? I will be working as a Program Manager at The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. I will be continuing my journey in the fight against childhood cancer by supporting dance marathons in the DE/PA area.

Kylie Wright

Honors Degree, Biological Sciences & Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience

Points of Pride: working on research with Dr. Medina and enjoying every minute of my 3.5 years. 

What’s Next? University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine 2024

Jennifer Yarin

Honors Degree, Exercise Science

Points of Pride: Being the President of the Rock Climbing Club and Secretary of the Outing Club at UD. Both organizations connected me with so many passionate individuals and gave me the opportunity to lead some amazing trips/events.

What’s Next? I’m going to Boston University for my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. 

Betty Zhang

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Points of Pride: Being a Blue Hen Ambassador and a Math TA.

What’s Next? I’ll be working at Google as a software engineer!

Catherine Zimmerman

Honors Degree with Distinction, Neuroscience

Points of Pride: The research I have done in Dr. Tania Roth’s lab over the past three years. I was a Summer Scholar for two summers and also received an Honors Enrichment Award to present my senior thesis research at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago in October 2019. I just defended my thesis titled “Preventative Effects of Valproic Acid on Outcomes Associated with Caregiver Maltreatment.” It has been so fulfilling to work with Dr. Roth and the incredible people in my lab and I am so grateful for my experience. I also founded UD’s chapter of Swipe Out Hunger, a nonprofit focused on ending college student food insecurity. I helped organize administrative support from UD Dining, the Office of the Dean of Students, and the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition to bring the “Swipe Drive” to campus, an event where students can donate meal swipes to students in need. During our first drive, we were able to collect over 1000 donated meal swipes. Working with this organization has truly allowed me to grow as a strong leader and advocate for those in need.

What’s Next? After graduation, I will be moving to Denmark to pursue research as a Fulbright grantee at the University of Copenhagen. I’ll be working with Dr. Thorkild Sørensen, studying the genetic components of obesity from an epidemiological perspective. I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity and can’t thank my mentors in the Honors program enough for their help and support.

Natalie Zimmermann

Degree with Distinction, Geological Sciences

Point of Pride: Completing research and a senior thesis. 

What’s Next? I’m planning to pursue a PhD next fall (2021), hopefully at Rutgers University. I’m informally beginning my PhD studies this year by taking graduate courses at Rutgers.