Yasmin Mann

Honors Degree with Distinction, Biological Sciences & Neuroscience

Point of Pride: I’m really proud of how much I have grown as a professional, academic and person.

Anna McCarter

Honors Degree with Distinction, Neuroscience

Point of Pride: The research I have done during my time at UD. I’ve been honored to work with an amazing mentor, Dr. Timothy Vickery, who has given me a lot of incredible opportunities to conduct independent research and present that work. I’m so grateful for the undergraduate research program here at UD; I know I couldn’t have had these experiences anywhere else!

What’s Next? I’ll be staying at UD for the 4+1 Masters program in neuroscience.

Shannon McNaul

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

Point of Pride: I’m most proud of a design project completed for my Fluid Mechanics class. I worked with three other Honors engineers, Liz Alban, Shalini Sundar, and Navya Jagarlamudi. We designed a lung drug delivery ventilator system for infants with respiratory distress syndrome. We used models and our knowledge of fluids and other chemical engineering concepts to design the ventilator with an emphasis on patient comfort.

What’s Next? I will be working at Axens North America, a petrochemical company, as a process engineer.

Aidan Meese

Honors Degree, Environmental Engineering

Points of Pride: Of all of my accomplishments at UD, I am most proud of having served as President of the club swim team and UDaB site leader, and having participated on several exciting research projects. My participation in undergraduate research ultimately steered me to pursue a PhD in environmental engineering at Yale University.

What’s Next? I’ll be attending Yale University in pursuit of a PhD in environmental engineering. My studies will be focused on aquatic chemistry and advanced processes for water treatment.

Bianca Mers

Honors Degree with Distinction, International Relations

Point of Pride: Being named the Emalea Pusey Warner Awardee for 2020.

What’s Next? I will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall to pursue a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning.

Laurie Metzler

Honors Degree, Civil Engineering

Point of Pride: Being a site leader for UDaB was definitely my proudest accomplishment. As a junior, I had the privilege of leading–with another Honors student!–nineteen students on a week long service program to Washington, D.C. We discussed hunger and homelessness in D.C., volunteered at various organizations throughout the city, and had to opportunity to advocate for the issues we had seen. UDaB is my favorite organization at UD, and I am so thankful a Munson Fellow freshman year encouraged me to apply. It truly changed my college experience.

What’s Next? Attending grad school at Virginia Tech to get my masters in Structural Engineering

Kathryn Michael

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

What’s Next? I’ll be working as a rotational process engineer for Airgas based in Houston, Texas.

Allison Michalowski

Honors Degree, Psychology & Dean’s Scholar

Points of Pride: I really enjoyed my time working with the Institute for Public Administration at the Biden School. Not only have I had the chance to apply what I have learned and work on interesting projects, but I also feel like it has given me the chance to make an impact on the Delaware public policy sphere. Working at IPA has let me explore my interests, and I am excited to take what I have learned with me as I continue my studies in Pittsburgh and beyond.

What’s Next? I’m pursuing a PhD in Health Services and Policy Research at the University of Pittsburgh.

Rachel Milberg

Honors Degree with Distinction, English and Psychology

Points of Pride: Throughout my time at UD, I am so proud of the opportunities that I been able to take advantage of. Throughout college, I was able to travel for the first time, conduct my own research, write a senior thesis, tutor in my favorite subject area, and make such amazing, inspiring friendships. The achievement that stands out to me the most was definitely being able to direct a musical for the first time with E-52 Student Theatre. My roommate Olivia and I were given the honor of directing Assassins the Musical this past Fall, and it was so memorable! I’ve always loved theatre, but this was my first time pursuing a role of this caliber, and I felt so supported. This was the most exciting creative experience for me, and I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity to give it a try! I am so grateful to UD for always cultivating such positive environments!

Kelsey Miles

Honors Degree, Agriculture and Natural Resources & Wildlife Conservation

Point of Pride: I’m the most proud of becoming a Resident Assistant in the Redding Honors building after living there myself. I was able to guide residents in the program and serve as a role model just like my RA was for me.

What’s Next? I’m going to be working for a professor at the University of Delaware while applying to graduate programs in the pursuit of continuing my education.

Tara Monaghan

Honors Degree, Elementary Teacher Education

Point of Pride: Getting involved in UDance as a representative for Alpha Phi Omega.

What’s Next? I am going to be working as a fourth grade teacher at Lane Elementary School in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Emily Mongold

Honors Degree with Distinction, Civil Engineering

Points of Pride: Being a UDaB site leader (even though we did not get to go on the program this spring) and doing undergraduate research with the Disaster Research Center and Prof. Davidson.

What’s Next? Stanford University for a PhD in Structural Engineering.

Tyler Montgomery

Honors Degree, Computer Science

Points of Pride: My academic achievements here at UD. I have learned a lot about computer science that has helped prepare me for my future as a software engineer. I was also a teaching assistant for the introductory computer science classes. This which was a rewarding experience allowing me to guide younger students while furthering my software development skills. Finally, being an executive board member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars provided me with beneficial leadership experience.

What’s Next? I will be working as a software engineer for JPMorgan Chase in Wilmington, DE.

Jennifer Most

Honors Degree, Music Education

Point of Pride: Self-growth. In 2016, I was shy and reserved. Now, I am passionate and bold. I dare to be first. The University of Delaware has shown me time and time again to never give up and to follow your dreams. I have made relationships with my peers, my professors, and my advisors that I know will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to show my Blue Hen Pride on my heart wherever I go next.

What’s Next? I will be going for my Masters in Music Education and hopefully teaching elementary/general music in New York.

Colleen Mueller

Bachelor of Science, Human Services

Point of Pride: A research project under Dr. Jennifer Carrano and the UD RISE Lab. I have been a member of the team for over a year now and with the help of the graduate assistants, I have learned so many incredible lessons and created so many memories within this experience.

What’s Next? I will be attending Boston University to get my Masters Degree in Public Health.

Meghan Mullennix

Honors Degree, History & Political Science

Points of Pride: Being a Legislative Fellow and a Munson Fellow

What’s Next? I’m working on a political campaign and studying for the LSAT. 

Rachel Neave

Honors Degree, Criminal Justice

Point of Pride: Serving as Vice President of my all-female a capella group, the D Sharps!

What’s Next? After graduation I’ll be working at The Johnson Firm, LLC. In Fall 2021 I will be attending law school!

Ahlad Neti

Honors Degree with Distinction, Biomedical Engineering

Point of Pride: My accomplishments in my lab work with Dr. Arch and Dr. Hall.

What’s Next? Pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Jenna Newman

Honors Degree, Communication

Points of Pride: I am most proud of my accomplishments within the Public Relations Student Society of America. With the organization, I have held three executive board positions, traveled to two national conferences, and held two national positions. I have made so many great professional and personal connections through PRSSA that will last way beyond my four years at UD.

What’s Next? I will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Communication with a certificate in PR & advertising at Villanova University. I will also serve as a Marketing/Communication graduate assistant for the Falvey Memorial Library at Villanova.