Ariel Hannum

Honors Degree with Distinction, Biomedical Engineering

Point of Pride: I am most proud of when I presented my research at the Biomedical Engineering Society Conference in October 2019. I had never presented research in front of a large audience before and it challenged me to really understand my project in order to convey it to a larger audience.

What’s Next? I’m going to pursue my PhD in bioengineering at Stanford University.

Julian Harbaugh

Honors Degree with Distinction, Political Science

Point of Pride: Completing an undergraduate thesis. 

Kiersten Harris

Honors Degree, International Relations & Three Languages

Point of Pride: Starting the Russian Club at UD! My friends from my Russian classes and I had talked about it for a while and we eventually just decided to start it. They ended up choosing me to write the constitution for the club and also be the president. We all worked really hard to get new members and plan great events.

What’s Next? I will be moving to DC this summer and starting my Masters degree in Security Studies (with a concentration in Intelligence) at Georgetown University.

Jenna Henke

Honors Degree, Accounting & Management Information Systems

Point of Pride: I enjoyed serving on the executive board of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Through this RSO, I established and strengthened my faith, mentored students, and built rich and lasting friendships. Both UD and InterVarsity have set me up for a lifetime of continued growth and learning.

What’s Next? I am studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and I will be starting full-time in the fall as a staff accountant at Santora CPA Group, a local public accounting firm.

Sydney Hirsch

Honors Degree, Health Behavior Science

Point of Pride: I am most proud of my work in the Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up Lab as both an undergraduate research assistant and a Summer Scholar, presenting at the research symposium in August 2019.

What’s Next? I’ll be attending Washington University in St. Louis for the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) program.

John Holloway

Honors Degree, Biological Sciences

What’s Next? Working at Success Rehabilitation, a rehabilitation program for people with traumatic brain injury.

Matthew Holstein

Honors Degree, Mechanical Engineering

Point of Pride: I am most proud of the result of my work with the University’s Electric Vehicle R&D Group. Through my involvement with this group I discovered my passion for public policy and clean energy technology. The work I do every day feels like I am making a difference and changing the future for the better.

What’s Next? I will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware through the 4+1 program and continuing my research with the EV R&D Group.

James Holyoke

Honors Degree with Distinction, Civil Engineering

Point of Pride: My undergraduate research and honors thesis in the coastal engineering lab.

What’s Next? Attending graduate school at University of Texas at Austin for Environmental Engineering.

Kayla Hughes

Honors Degree, Spanish Studies & Bachelor of Science, Earth Science Education

Points of Pride: I am very proud of joining the Omicron chapter of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. Last year, I was also very honored to co-lead the Honors spring break service learning trip to the DR, a trip that I had gone on my 1st year. I learned even more about the Dominican Republic and myself.

What’s Next? I will be an Earth and Space Science teacher at a high school in Maryland.

Morgan Hurlock

Honors Degree with Distinction, Applied Music-Instrumental

Point of Pride: Completing my senior thesis entitled Jazz in Croatia: Analyzing Improvisatory Techniques from Student to Master. For this project, I was able to travel to Croatia last summer for a jazz festival with musicians from around the world! It was an incredible adventure, and I learned so much about improvisation.

What’s Next? I will be attending Jersey City University for their Master’s Program in Multiple Woodwind Performance with the hopes of performing on Broadway as a pit musician!

Jasnoor Hundal

Honors Degree, Accounting & Finance

Point of Pride: I’m most proud to be a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and have the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Membership. This organization has shaped my entire college career, helped guide me through my career path, given me my best friends, the most incredible memories, and connections I know I will carry with me for years. I’m so glad to have had the chance to leave behind a legacy and a brotherhood made up of the most extraordinary people!

What’s Next? I will be working at Ernst & Young (EY) in the Risk Advisory Service line. I also hope to go to law school and pursue a career in corporate law.

Charles Jabbour

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

What’s Next? I’ll be working for ExxonMobil.

Amy Jackson

Honors Degree with Distinction, Nursing

Point of Pride: Pursuing research and writing a thesis, thanks to the professors and mentors I had at UD.

What’s Next? Heading to the University of Maryland to pursue a PhD in nursing.

Erin Jackson

Honors Degree, Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Points of Pride: I’m most proud of myself for trying so many new things at UD and finding what’s important to me. I used to be a lot worse at saying no to things, but I had to find ways to prioritize and manage my time that would allow me to stick with only the things that I cared about the most. Those things ended up being my role as a Site Leader for UDaB and as President of Alpha Zeta Co-Ed Honors Agricultural Fraternity. These were not things I went into UD thinking I’d come out with, but I am so grateful for the connections they have allowed me to make across campus and beyond. I also loved my time as an Ag Ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It was my time as a prospective student with Ag Ambassadors that inspired me to come to UD in the first place, and I loved giving back to my little Ag community in that way.

What’s Next? I’m going to be attending veterinary school at the University of Georgia!

Navya Jagarlamudi

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

Point of Pride: I really enjoyed my time on E-board with the Society of Women Engineers where I had the chance to meet so many inspiring women engineers at UD and at the national conferences. I loved getting the opportunity to put on events to empower women, and in turn, they empowered me.

What’s Next? I am going to be working at W.L. Gore & Associates as an Engineer. They manufacture fabrics and medical devices!

Karthi Jayakumar

Honors Degree, Neuroscience & Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences

Point of Pride: I am so proud I was able to start my very own RSO, Charity Crossing. I hope this continues to flourish after I graduate and increases student involvement with the local community.

What’s Next? I plan on going to Medical School at the Philadephia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Christopher Johnson

Honors Degree with Distinction, Chemical Engineering

Point of Pride: I played John Wilkes Booth in the musical Assassins. It was one of the best theatre productions I have ever been a part of, and made me feel proud to be a part of E-52 student theatre.

What’s Next? Graduate school at UPenn for a doctorate in chemical engineering.

Gretchen Johnson

Honors Degree, Marine Science

Points of Pride: I am proud of really overhauling the person who I was when I came into college. I worked hard and learned a lot, achieving goals I wouldn’t have always imagined such as entering the Honors Program halfway through my journey at UD. I’m proud of having done research and built relationships with faculty in the College of Earth Ocean and Environment. I’m also proud of my dedicated involvement to leadership of Service Trips, Retreats, and other events for Catholic Campus Ministry and of finding immense fulfillment in being a Teaching Assistant for CHEM322. UD has given me a lot of love, friendship, and mentorship that I hope to pay forward.

What’s Next? I will be working as a technician in a Harmful Algae Laboratory for a year before going to graduate school.

Andrew Juliano

Honors Degree, Civil Engineering

Point of Pride: Winning first place in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Senior Design Project.

What’s Next? I will be starting my career at the construction company Halmar International located in New York.

Mason Jones

Honors Degree, Finance

Point of Pride: I was proud to be a quarterback on the Football team here at UD. Being named to the All-CAA Academic Team every semester by the CAA Commissioner was a big achievement. Being an Honors Student Athlete was a difficult challenge but it taught me lessons that I will carry with me the rest of my life. Finishing undergrad in only 3 years while playing football was my biggest achievement.

What’s Next? Pursuing a Masters Degree in finance.