Shuja Abbas

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

Points of Pride: I am most proud of my work as a Munson Fellow. Being a mentor and helping underclassmen build their goals was really fulfilling, especially when they tell you that they are still using techniques you taught them in upper level classes. I really enjoyed helping freshmen build that first resume and give them a better sense of professionalism in college. I think I made it much easier for a lot of them to apply for research and internships.

What’s Next? I’ll be working for Merck in global vaccine operations as an associate engineering specialist.


Alex Abbruscato

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

Point of Pride: Founding and running my RSO, Save 8.

Benjamin Aghajanian

Honors Degree, Environmental Engineering

Points of Pride: I had many achievements as President of my fraternity: successfully lifting my chapter out of sanctions, organizing two philanthropic events to raise awareness for alcoholism and sexual harassment, and collaborating with a nearby animal shelter to certify over half of our brothers as Dog Ambassadors, to name a few. The FSLL community welcomed me with open arms and helped me develop as a leader and as an individual, and I am forever grateful for that. The presidency taught me many things, but the most notable takeaway is this: don’t measure success on the grade you get or the money you earn… measure it on how many people you positively impact, because that’s what truly matters.

Jessica Albrecht

Honors Degree, Finance & Operations Management

What’s Next? I will be working as a risk consulting associate at KPMG. 

Elizabeth Alban

Honors Degree, Chemical Engineering

Points of Pride: I was honored to serve as the Secretary of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) for two years. I was also honored to serve as the Publicity Chair for American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) for two years. Through AIChE, I was able to attend the 2019 National Student Conference in Orlando, FL where I was able to connect with other AIChE chapters and chemical engineering professionals!

What’s Next? I will be working as an Associate Process Engineer at Lummus Technology in Bloomfield, NJ. 

Kara Anderson

Honors Degree, Agriculture and Natural Resources & Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Points of Pride: I am most proud of all the experiences and learning opportunities I have had. From being involved in multiple RSOs, to having major-related internships and jobs, to being a TA for two classes, to engaging in meaningful service, I have gotten so much out of my time at UD and have grown so much as an individual. I cannot imagine my college experience being any different, and I am so grateful for all of the friends, mentors, and professors I have met over these last four years. I want to give a shout out to Dr. Gressley for being an amazing academic advisor. She has helped me get to where I am today, and I will forever be thankful for all of her guidance and support!

What’s Next? I am attending the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in the fall. 

Matthew Anderson

Honors Degree, Three Languages

What’s Next? I will be teaching English in Taiwan with a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. 

Nate Augenbraun

Honors Degree, Electrical Engineering

Point of Pride: My junior design project

What’s Next? I’ll be working for Raytheon Technologies. 

Jessica Badler

Honors Degree, Management & Marketing

Point of Pride: I served as the director of media relations for the Blue Hen Marketing Club for 2 years.

Phoebe Balascio

Honors Degree with Distinction, Exercise Science

Points of Pride: I’m proud of my work in Student Life as a 1743 Welcome Ambassador Captain (WAC) and Student Diversity & Inclusion intern. I’m also proud of my research and senior thesis in the UD Physical Therapy department. Finally, I am proud to have three minors that are meaningful to me.

What’s Next? I’ll be pursuing a Masters Degree in Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Brianna Bannach

Bachelor of Science, Entrepreneurship

Points of Pride: I am most proud of planning and executing a self-directed trip to New Zealand with the Honors Enrichment Award. I coordinated a trip to meet with 20 entrepreneurs. They all had so much to teach, and the experience was invaluable.

What’s Next?I will be participating in the pre-accelerator program run by Horn Entrepreneurship called Summer Founders for my startup Flourina.

Alainee Barkley

Honors Degree, Civil Engineering

Point of Pride: I am most proud of heading the Student Advisory Council for Resources to Inspire Successful Engineers (RISE). Through RISE, I met some of my closest friends and was truly able to grow, both personally and professionally, through our meetings, workshops, and conferences.

What’s Next? I plan on working full-time as either an assistant project manager for construction or a geotechnical field engineer. I am currently also looking into graduate school.

Jacob Baumgart

Honors Degree, Communication 

Point of Pride: I am most proud of leading the student newspaper, The Review, as editor-in-chief. This year, was chaotic to say the least. When coronavirus arrived, our duties increased exponentially. We no longer just wrote for fun. We wrote to inform a university community about an ever-evolving and all-encompassing pandemic. We took that duty seriously, and we have since written about 100 stories covering all angles of coronavirus. Coordinating this coverage and maintaining team morale in a virtual format was challenging, but we persevered. Finding ways to manage it and still deliver crucial information was my proudest accomplishment at the university.

What’s Next? I plan on entering the workforce as a journalist. 

Chloe Beauchamp

Honors Degree, Marketing

Point of Pride: Being able to experience the world through study abroad in Cuba, Thailand, and Australia

Christina Benito

Honors Degree, Psychology & Women’s Studies

Point of Pride: I think I’m most proud of my role as a mentor at UD. I was able to mentor as a Munson Fellow for the Honors Program and a Peer Mentor for the English Language Institute.

What’s Next? Seton Hall Law School. 

Zachary Bopp

Honors Degree, Biological Sciences

Points of Pride: I have played for the Men’s Club Soccer team at UD for 4 years, and I am most proud of our most recent accomplishment: placing 3rd in the U.S. at the national tournament in Round Rock, Texas. Also, I am proud to have survived two semesters of organic chemistry.

What’s Next? I will continue my education as a medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. 

Julia Borek

Honors Degree, Elementary Teacher Education

Point of Pride: I am proud of completing a UDaB trip during my sophomore year. We worked with Urban Tree Connection, and I learned about food insecurity and urban farming. It was a really enlightening experience that helped me to learn and step outside of my comfort zone. It even led to my decision to become a teacher in an urban community.

What’s Next? Teaching elementary and special education in Boston, and then pursuing my Masters Degree in Autism Studies and Developmental Disabilities. 

Olivia Bulzomi

Honors Degree, International Relations

Points of Pride: I am most proud of leading Phi Sigma Sigma as Chapter President for two years, and for graduating a semester early! Being involved in Phi Sig as President gave me the opportunity to exercise my influence in positive ways while also allowing me to be dedicated and involved in countless campus activities. Through this position I was closely involved in UDance, conversations surrounding campus culture, mental health, philanthropy and community service, and leadership. During my last semester, I took the Honors Capstone, Books That Blow Your Mind, with Professor Fox. That class was one of the most profound learning experiences I have ever had. It brought back my love of reading, and encouraged me to expand my mind and make analytic connections to the text during our weekly discussions.

What’s Next? I have accepted a full-time position as Junior Account Executive at Infinite Global, a public relations company that represents professional services firms like law firms. I will be working out of the New York office.

Madison Breske

Honors Degree, English

Points of Pride: Directing HTAC’s production of “Falsettos” right before campus closed. We didn’t get to perform the show the way we wanted or even for a big audience, but I learned more about leadership in those 2 months we were rehearsing than I ever had before. I’m also really proud of creating my own research project with Summer Scholars to study and present on women and sexuality in the plays of Tennessee Williams. It was a subject that I loved learning about and getting to share that knowledge was such a fun thing.