Munson Fellows

Munson Fellows 2019-2020

Munson Fellows are residential peer mentors who live with students in the first-year Honors Living Learning Community.  They provide academic and other guidance, help set goals, and build community among Honors Program students.  Any rising sophomore or junior Honors student who has lived in the first-year LLC can apply to be a Munson Fellow.  Applications are typically available before the end of the fall semester and interviews are held in late February/early March.  Candidates must have applied for University housing to be considered.  The stipend for Munson Fellows is $1000 per semester.  Munson Fellows are responsible for their housing costs and meal plan.  The application for 2020-2021 is now closed.

Shuja Abbas ’20

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Chemistry, Sustainable Energy & Technology
Involvement/Interests: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), REACH (Recruiting, Engaging, and Advancing CHemical Engineers), running, movies, video games, music.
Advice from a senior: One of the most important accomplishments you can have in college are in your extracurriculars. Almost every major at UD has some sort of professional organization or fraternity that can be your lowest hanging fruit to leadership and connections. Joining an RSO right from freshmen year can help establish your name within your program and community. Don’t be afraid to run for executive positions in the Spring and voice your opinions. This is a perfect way to meet upperclassmen and professors in your major and can lead to an easier path to research and internship opportunities.  

Chor In Lam ’20

Major: Accounting, Management Information Systems
Involvement/Interests: I love playing Ultimate Frisbee for the club team and rock climbing in my free time.  I am also excited to be a site leader for UD Alternative Breaks during spring break.
My Goal as a Munson Fellow: I want to build an inclusive floor community that people love hanging out in.  Freshman year can be hard, and I want people to have a place where they can let go of their problems or ask for help.  I also want to meet as many first year students outside of my floor as possible, so don’t hesitate to say hi!

Ari August ’21

Major: Biological Sciences
Involvement/Interests: E-52 student theatre group, Healthcare theatre, Medical Scholars, workshop leader, PhiDE pre-medical fraternity
Advice for your first year: It’s never too early to start building relationships with faculty; professors not only can give you great information on how to reach your career and life goals but also write you letters of recommendation down the line that help you get even closer! Set yourself up for professional success by developing these meaningful connections 🙂 

Mitchell Daneker ’21

Major: Chemical Engineering (B.ChE.), Chemistry (B.S.)
Involvement/Interests: Honey enthusiast who enjoys playing guitar and has a fascination with weird/little-known instruments. I host a radio show on WVUD and am still involved with the Boy Scouts, and always have a random fact to enlighten your day.
Something at UD that is important to me:If you have ever seen the movie Zombieland, you will know the importance of enjoying the little things. UD always has something going on: free ice cream at the Honors Program, a movie on the green, I have even seen people selling vinyl on the street. I love how open UD is to groups that want to give to students and you should always take the opportunity to enjoy what they have to offer. I make sure to work hard, but it is vital that I enjoy myself too which I can do thanks to all the groups around campus.

Jack Ausmus ’21

Major: History
Minors: French, Anthropology, Museum Studies
Involvement/Interests: Boatswain of UD Sailing Team, Honors Adventure Club trips, research on slavery (especially in Northern Virginia), collector of watches and fountain pens, love hiking and backpacking.
What you MUST do in your first year: Try all the coffee shops in town! I’m Team Little Goat, but there’s plenty of good options!

Chesca Basilio ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Disability Studies
Involvement/Interests: Going to concerts, spending time with family, fishing, watching/playing sports, research with prosthetic limbs and assistive devices, Assistive Medical Technology Club member.
Something at UD that’s important to me: Studying abroad has always been an experience that I wanted to take advantage of during my time at college. I thought being in a major with a prescribed curriculum would limit me, but fortunately, UD has the opportunity for engineers to travel to different countries and explore different cultures, especially during winter session, to gain a broader perspective on life.

Caroline Berger ’22

Majors: Art Conservation, Art History
Minor: Chemistry
Interests: Painting, drawing, writing, hiking, escape rooms, typography, museum visits, travel. Involvement: Rubber Chickens, Art History/Art Conservation Club
Something you MUST do in your first year: Spend a night working in the library with friends until it closes. You’ll never beat the satisfaction of closing your laptop after a long work session right as the announcement to leave goes off. Best feeling in the world!

Geoffrey Bonnanzio ’22

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Computer Science
Interests: Running, reading, movie watching, meme connoisseur, and pun-lover! Involvement: Deep Roots STEM outreach program, HENS, and AIChE.
Something at UD that is importat to me: College offers an amazing opportunity to meet new people with ideas and interests so different from your own, so my friends naturally take the top of the list! My classes are extremely important to me as well. Although classes can be difficult, when you put the effort in and try your best, you can always feel a sense of accomplishment for trying. Finally, the Honors Program! UDHP was one of the main reasons I chose UD. With all of the opportunities and activities constantly going on there’s always ways to get involved, different events to attend, and even exciting weekend trips to take!

Cameron Jones ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Biomechanical Engineering
Interests: Listening to music (Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line), hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies, the Dallas Cowboys, Chick-fil-A. Involvement: Biomedical Engineering Society
What it’s like at UD for a Delawarean: Even though I live in Delaware, UD feels like a home away from home.  It is a great place to meet new friends from all over the world, while exploring interests and furthering your academic career.  There are several clubs and opportunities to get involved in that will open you up to many new people and perspectives. 

Ryan McCune ’22

Major: Environmental Engineering
Interests: Hiking, fishing, kayaking, movies, photography. Involvement: American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Highway Engineers, Geology Club.
What you MUST do in your first year: Find an RSO or other student group to get involved in. I highly recommend going to the Activity Fair held during the first few days of the year. Find an organization, club, or even intramural or club sports team which sounds interesting. Expand your horizons and get outside of your comfort zone. Becoming an active member of the campus community through these student groups is a fantastic way to kickoff your first year!!

Tatenda Mlambo ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Involvement: Resources to Inspire Successful Engineers (RISE), the Honors Student Advisory Council, Chi Alpha (Christian Ministry), Delaware African Students Association (DASA).  I also do research in a Musculoskeletal Lab. Interests: I enjoy reading, learning about different cultures, as well as having deep discussions on pressing issues in our society. I also play the marimba.
My goals as a Munson Fellow: This is an exciting opportunity to help first-year students transition smoothly into college and have memorable experiences in the Honors community. I aim to foster long-lasting relationships with students and create an environment where everyone feels welcome and can call home. I would like to establish a strong community of culturally aware students that excel both academically and socially at UD. 

Alyssa Mojica ’22

Major: Biochemistry
Interests: CrossFit, painting, adventurous/outdoorsy activities.  I’m also passionate about environmentally responsible make-up!
Something at UD that’s important to me: I love being involved with UD CrossFit! CrossFit is important to me because it keeps me active and provides me the mental clarity I need after a busy day of classes or when I need a break from school work. Through my involvement in UD CrossFit, I have been able to meet upperclassmen, graduate students, and faculty that I would not have met otherwise. Together, we’ve built a community where everybody motivates and encourages others to reach their goals! Even if it’s not CrossFit, I encourage every student to find interests they can turn to when they need a break from school work, especially interests that encourage involvement within the campus community.

Tori Peterson ’22

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Might add something soon
Interests: Spending quality time with my family and friends and occasionally playing softball. I like to be involved in the community.  I am not sure where my biomedical engineering interests will take me, but I am interested in the development of better drug safety testing procedures. Involvement: Assistive Medical Technologies Clob and Weekly Service team in Redding.
What you MUST do in your first year: Go to the interest meeting for at least one Registered Student Organization! Who knows, you may be surprised by what piques your interest! Also, go to a Perkins Live event (they have FREE stuff)!

Abhigna Rao ’22

Majors: Neuroscience, Communication
Hobbies: Creative writing, music, scrapbooking, graphic design, baking, calligraphy. Pursuits: Public speaking, undergraduate research, choir, a capella. Involvement: Blue Hen Ambassador, SLAM Research Lab, 186 South College blogger, Indian Student Association, Research Outreach Program
My Goal as a Munson Fellow: Navigating the Honors Program while learning to balance challenging courses and extracurricular commitments can be a tough task, and I was very apprehensive about my transition at first. I soon realized the Honors adventure is incredibly fun and motivation with the right mindset and support from your peers.  As a Munson, I want to be both a reliable mentor that can serve as a resource and a friend to help you create an unforgettable first year!

Emily Reburn ’22

Major: Accounting
Involvement: HENS, Accounting Student Association Interests: In my free time I like to bake, hang out with friends and spend time with my family.
Advice for your first year: Don’t be afraid to try new things! College is a whole new experience with lots of opportunities to take advantage of. Try out a new club, get involved in the Honors community, and just explore anything you might have an interest in. Also remember that when trying to balance school, extracurriculars, and a social life, time management is key. Make a schedule and stick to it, so you have room for your education as well as the fun experiences college has to offer.  

Trevor Simmons ’22

Major: Electrical Engineering
Interests: Reading, playing video games. Member of the Kronum club.
My Goals as a Munson Fellow: As a freshman, you have a lot of worries, from scheduling classes to where to eat lunch. My goal is to take away some of these worries, or at least make them a little less burdensome. I hope to help incoming freshman with any school and honor needs they have, from scheduling classes to planning events for them to have fun at and take their minds off school for a bit!

Sammy Simon ’22

Majors: English, Psychology
Minor: Educational Studies
Involvement: Harrington Theatre Arts Company, the Main Street Journal (campus literary magazine), and ASL Club. Interests: Choir, reading and writing, editing, secondary education, musical theatre, and art.  I’m also a big fan of Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter!
Advice for your first year: Don’t be afraid to test out new study habits and techniques – what worked for you before might not be what works for you in college, and that’s okay!  Also, take advantage of the plethora of resources UD offers, like the Writing Center, the Writing Fellows and Munson Fellows, tutoring drop-ins, and more. And go to office hours!  It shows professors that you care about your work and lets you get personalized help.