Honors Munson Fellows

MF website by Sarah Dobe-Hund

What is a Munson Fellow?

When you find yourself uncertain about a decision you have to make, who do you reach out to?  It could be a trusted friend or older sibling.  Munson Fellows are kind of like that.  They are peer mentors you can go to with questions, observations, or ideas.  They help bring the Honors first year experience to life!  You’ll see them planning events like tea time, or cookies and decompression (both great after the first week of classes) and larger events like the Coffee House talent show and interdisciplinary discussions with Honors faculty.  They also collaborate with other student organizations to arrange cultural and service events our students are interested in.  Ultimately, Munson Fellows are an essential part of the living learning community who love connecting and serving our first year students. Munson Fellows are named for Dr. Burnaby Munson, the renowned professor of chemistry and founder of the original Honors Program at UD.  

Students interested in serving as a Munson Fellow must have lived on campus in Honors housing for at least one semester.* The application process runs from late November to mid-March.

*Covid-19 altered this expectation for 2021-2022.