Molly Fulton ’20: no limits to Anthropology

Molly working on an anthropology project in the Munroe Hall anthropology lab

Molly Fulton is a sophomore Anthropology major with a minor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Her path to anthropology was a bit unconventional, even for a UDHP student.  Molly started her undergraduate career at Cornell University as a Biomedical Engineering major.  After a semester she decided to transfer and was drawn to the Honors Program at UD as opposed to other transfer options and says that she, “has met a lot of very cool and incredibly smart people in Honors.”

Molly entered UD as a biological sciences major before quickly realizing that she did not want to limit herself to one field, and switched to Anthropology after attending the ANTH104 Darwin Day.

“Anthropology is perfect for me because I love learning about everything,” Molly said. “As an anthropologist, I will be able to learn about everything because I am studying people who are all studying different things, so I will be able to learn about those things through them.” She is still deciding between the specific niches within anthropology, but is considering medical and environmental anthropology.

On a field trip to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia with her Osteology class.

Currently, Molly is heavily involved with the UD Anthropology Club and serves as the club’s Social Media Coordinator. She runs their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts (@udanthropologyclub). Prior to her taking over the position, the club didn’t have an Instagram, so she created one to foster involvement and outreach through the platform.

The Anthropology Club hosts weekly meetings, special trips, and a mini lecture series every other Thursday night featuring students with Senior Theses and professors who are involved with anthropological research. The week of February 14th was Anthropology Week, during which the club set up booths in Perkins with fun giveaways and hosted events in the evening such as an anthropology trivia night. “I almost gave the answers away during the trivia night” Molly laughed and told me, “It was hard for me to not shout them out when I knew most of them.”

Molly poses with a zebra at an excursion she went on during her study abroad trip to Tanzania in Winter 2018

Molly, like many UDHP students, is very proud of her unique academic interests. She chose a major that aligned with her innate desire to learn about a variety of different subjects and has been thriving in it since. “The best part about UD is that there are so many ways to get involved with your academic interests outside of the classroom,” Molly explained, “I couldn’t be happier with my choice.”